Extra Law Enforcement On PCH Results In Mixed Perceptions

Written by on May 26, 2020

A heavy presence of law enforcement over the three day holiday weekend may reduced racing cars … and very loud motorcycles on Pacific Coast Highway.

Or it may not have depending on who you talk to.

Weekend beach crowds at Zuma Beach were actually fairly light … the parking lot only about 30% full on any of the given three days of the Memorial Day weekend.

And Broad Beach Road was relatively uncrowded … at the access ways that were jammed with beach visitors earlier this spring.

Some illegal fireworks were detonated near Point Dume Sunday night … but residents said deputies rushed to the scene and the fireworks noise was short lived. Social distancing was in practice on Zuma Beach … for the most part.

Also … heavy heavy police presence.

Deputies on all terrain vehicles zipping up and down the beach … but we dod not see them talking to people about not wearing masks..

County health officials are watching closely as a test of whether they can keep the virus in check while slowly easing restrictions.

A motorized protest against the stay at home orders was spotted on Pacific Coast Highway yesterday.

The participants … waving Don’t Tread On Me and Donald Trump banners … also had a rally at the corner of P C H and Webb Way.

And no … they were not wearing masks … according to eyewitnesses.

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