Edmiston Says MRCA Has No Duty To Enforce Anti-COVID Rules On His Trails

Written by on May 28, 2020

Residents along Winding Way are furious that large clusters of hikers are walking up their private property … ignoring anti-COVID rules … to access the Ramirez Falls trail.

But the bioss of the M R C A says it’s the City of Malibu’s job … to enforce the public health orders on trails that his agency controls.

The M R C A … the Mountain Resource Conservation Authority … owns a 3-foot-wude easement along the privately-owned Winding Way … a road that leads to a popular recreational area above Paradise Cove.

The hiking trail leads from P C H up to Ramirez Falls … you’ve probably seen the overflow of cars and hikers down on the highway.

Hikers are supposed to stay on that three-foot wide easement … and they are supposed to obey public health rules about masks … and staying apart from each other.

There were large clusters of hikers all over the road last weekend …. most not wearing masks.

One resident took pictures of the mobbed trail … and sent them to MRCA director Joe Edmiston.

“You couldn’t possibly think this is okay?” asked the resident to Edmiston.

“Not a ranger in sight.

“Someone needs to fix/control this very unsafe situation.”

The resident copied the letter to the mayor … Karen Farrer.

She said she agreed it was an unsafe situation.

Edmiston fired back.

“So Mayor, where are the Malibu paid-for sheriffs?”

Edmiston said he would send his rangers to enforce social distancing rules on the trail … “if the city of Malibu can get the Sheriff to do an enforcement sweep or continuous enforcement on the Malibu jurisdiction side.”

In other words … the M R C A boss says it is not his agency’s job .. to enforce the Public Health Order on M R C A trails.

On the positive side … Edmiston did accept an offer to meet with residents on the computers … to discuss overcrowding on the trail.

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