Edmiston Accused Of Covering Up Lawsuit

Written by on April 12, 2018

Homeowners in Sycamore Park are reacting to the 15 million dollar lawsuits filed against each of them by the Mountains Recreation and Conservations Authority … the M R C A.

We reported yesterday that the lawsuits were 5 million dollars each … that was an error … each homeowner is defending a 15 million dollar lawsuit filed by the state agency.

Last week … the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy postponed for one month a vote on funding the M R C A project in Sycamore Park.

Homeowners in the area accuse M R CA director Joe Edmiston of misleading the conservancy in the matter.

State law would require Edmiston’s agency to assure the state that there were no legal controversies or lawsuits over the land in question … before getting the grant.

But the M R C A had filed the lawsuits against the homeowners several days before that meeting.

And the M R C A is a defendant in a lawsuit filed by the homeowners as well.

The city of Malibu is also gearing up to enter the fray.

City attorney Christi Hogin says she has to go through some legal formalities first … but told the city council to stay tuned.

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