Easter Weekend Ends With 4 Dead In 4 Separate Crashes

Written by on April 5, 2021

Easter weekend ends with four road deaths in Malibu and the Santa Monica Mountains.

A man with a bicycle was struck and killed on Pacific Coast Highway … just west of Busch Drive … last night.

And a second person … who was giving aid to the first … was also struck and killed … by a second vehicle.

And while deputies were investigating that, about six miles up Kanan Dume Road  an SUV flew off the road between Tunnel 1 and Latigo Canyon Road, and its driver was killed

Earlier in the day, a woman was killed as her car rolled off Portero Road, near Newberry Park.

On Zuma Beach … late last night … both victims were male … but that is all the identification that we have.

The road was open by 4:30 am and the sheriff’s detectives Monday morning were not releasing any further official information.

The drivers of both vehicles stopped and cooperated with sheriffs deputies.

The crash was in the westbound lanes …. just beyond the shopping center with its late night convenience market.

That is just beyond the range of the streetlights at the intersection with Busch … on thr sweeping curve near the Zuma beach entrance station.

This would be the second and third persons to be killed on that dark roadway in recent years.  KTLA showed vidoe of a bicycle on the roadway … that may have been involved. 

No further information yet … and the coroner’s office has not at this point released victims names. Earlier Sunday … one woman was killed on Potrero Road south of Newbury Park, in Ventura County.

A single vehicle had crashed into a guardrail, with the driver apparently thrown from the vehicle.

The person was said to be dead at the scene. 

And at 3:45 Monday morning, an SUV reportedly flew off of Kanan Dume Road north of Tunnel 1, killing the driver.

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