FEMA Fund Disaster May Be Over Soon, City Might See Its $6m

Written by on May 17, 2019

The City of Malibu is out $6 million dollars … money spent as result of the Woolsey fire and subsequent floods.

In normal years … this money would have been reimbursed by FEMA the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

But this is not a normal year … and disputes between President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats over several issues has hung up the federal disaster budget for several years now.

Disaster relief for several red states in the Midwest and Gulf Coast is becoming a political liability for the president now amongst his conservative base.

It appears the log jam in Washington may be breaking.

Democrats are reportedly open to attaching money for the crisis at the southern border to a disaster relief package being negotiated in Congress.

This package includes billions of dollars for California wildfire recovery, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday.

he idea is part of negotiations taking place between members of both parties in the House and Senate, which is set to vote on disaster relief next week.

Negotiations over disaster relief for several states and U.S. territories have been dragging on for months.

There have been signs that the Senate is moving toward a measure that would be acceptable to House Democrats.

Puerto Rico remains the major sticking point with trump.

But his base is getting impatient.

Florida .. and the midwest … they are trump territory and they want their disaster relief from floods and hurricanes.

Republican senators say they are open to considering more money for thePuerto Rico.

Lawmakers from Southern states that have been waiting for months for federal money to recover from hurricanes are losing patience with the White House.

“I don’t mind helping Puerto Rico more,” says Sen. Lindsey Graham.

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