Dirty Power Plant Near Malibu Gets New Lease Of Life

Written by on November 18, 2019

In news from up the coast … the nearest fossil fuel power plant to Malibu may get a new lease on life.

Just 20 miles upwind of Malibu … the Ormond Beach steam power plant is supposed to be shut off for good next year.

It’s the closest big air polluter to Malibu … and it kills millions of marine organisms every year.

Fish eggs … plankton … floating animals and other items at the bottom of the food

chain are sucked into the power plant and boiled alive.

This deprives other animals of their food.

In 2010, a state policy was adopted to retire power plants like the two coastal ones in Oxnard, which use ocean water for its operations.

Such power plants were to be mothballed by the end of 2020.

Southern California Edison says they are replacing another fossil fuel power plant in Ventura with solar panels and batteries.

But the California Public Utilities Commission says it may still need the fossil fuel powered electricity for two more years.

The final decision will be up to the state Water Resources Control Board.

This story is based on reporting in the Ventura County Star.

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