Destroying A Well In Zuma Canyon Will Take An Act Of Congress – and Trump’s Signature

Written by on July 28, 2020

And this odd item …. 53 thousand dollars in federal money to destroy the Zuma Well.

What is the Zuma Well??

The National Park Service says it is an existing abandoned groundwater well in Zuma Canyon.

The well was never used by the park service … it was believed to have been drilled before county water lines were installed in the 1950s.

It’s dangerous … the park service says destruction of the abandoned Zuma well will eliminate a significant safety hazard and threat to groundwater resources.

The  work needs to be done in conformance with the requirements for destroying a well in under federal, state and county well destruction requirements …

Destruction of the well is to be performed by a California licensed C57 water well contractor.

Bids are out on the Zuma well destruction project right now.

Filling in this dangerous abandoned water well in Zuma Canyon … is being discussed by Congress and the president right now.

You may have head about the bill working thru Congress … described as one of the largest conservation bills in the past 75 years last week. 

President Trump has signaled support for the Great American Outdoors Act … which is designed to funnel money to national parks for badly needed infrastructure repairs.

Malibu sits surrounded on two sides by the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area … a unit of the National Park system.

And for areas like the Santa Monica Mountains … this could mean upgrades for recreational facilities and more public access. 

And roads …. lots of road repairs.

KBUU has gotten ahold of the list of projects planned in the Malibu area …

7 million dollars for paved roads and structures … and 8 million dollars for unpaved roads.

There are four other specific projects.

The old Circle X Ranch House … a former Boy Scout ranch at the top of the mountain range west of Malibu … will be rehabilitated.

This facility includes a meeting room for 75 people, a kitchen, restrooms with showers, a fireplace and lounge area.

The rehab will cost $896,000.

Other projects on the bill include replacing the bridge at the Paramount Ranch movie set … for a half million dollars.

It burned in the 2018 Woolsey Fire.

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