Deputies In Brutal Attack Recovering, But Sheriff Department’s Racist Posts Inflame

Written by on September 16, 2020

In Los Angeles … a massive manhunt continues for the person who attempted to assassinate two sheriff’s deputies as they sat in their squad car Saturday night.

A massive police operation yesterday in Lynwood … not far from the shooting scene … did not turn up the assassin.

Prominent Black community leaders … people across the country … and the Malibu city council have all expressed concern and sympathy for the deputies.

But how the sheriff’s office has been handling this is becoming a major controversy.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the county’s civilian oversight commission is now investigating offensive and racist tweets issued by the sheriff’s department … in what appears to be an official announcement.

Also … the inspector general is now investigating the arrest of a reporter.

Josie Huang of KPCC was arrested on a public sidewalk … as emotionally charged deputies arrested agitators who were celebrating the shooting of the deputies.

The actions of the arresting deputies might be excused as an emotional overreaction … two of their colleagues had just been shot … the situation on the street that night was chaotic.

But many journalists are asking why the sheriff’s department … after dust settled … continued to arrest … book .. and ask for charges to be filed against the reporter.

The law against interfering with a police officer … specifically … says that people taking pictures or recordings of a police action cannot be arrested for interfering with them.

The sheriff continues to press inaccurate claims that the reporter interfered.

And … racist tweets sent out by an official spokeswoman at the sheriff’s information Bureau have surfaced.

The deputy … at work and using what looked like an official twitter account  … used rough ghetto slang to mock the shooter and his or her friends.

And now the sheriff he has further antagonized black activists … by demanding that Lebron James contribute 175 thosuand dollars to the reward fund to find the shooters.

James has said nothing about the L A events … the sheriff says he singled out the NBA superstar because he has been speaking against police.

And that leads to Malibu Canyon … and the misbehavior by sheriff’s deputies after the fatal crash that took Kobe Bryant … and 8 others last year.

Vanessa Bryant … Kobe’s widow .., blasted the sheriff yesterday for a lack of trust … for destroying evidence that his deputies had shown off in public their pictures of her dead husband and daughter.

L.A. County Inspector General Max Huntsman is now investigating the reporter’s arrest.

A spokesman for the department said the offensive tweets are being reviewed internally as well.

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