Demolition Will Mostly Be Finished, But Not Done, When School Starts, SMMUSD Says

Written by on July 27, 2022

Story poles will go up this fall at the Malibu High School construction site.  But trucks will be removing debris from the old Juan Cabrillo School after classes start this August 11th at Malibu’s high school and middle school.

The wooden mockup will allow Malibu residents to see exactly how big the two story school would be … before the Planning Commission and City Council vote on the coastal Development Permits this fall.

That’s the word from the school district … which is building a 160 million dollar new high school on the site of Juan Cabrillo Elementary School.

Cabrillo is now fenced off … and it will be demolished over the next three or four weeks. 

District facilities manager Carey Upton says most of the demolition will be over when school starts … just three weeks from now. 


UPTON: “where we think we will be when school starts is that we will have abated all of the materials in the buildings. We will have torn down most if not all of the buildings, and removed much of the debris but probably will not have completely removed all of the debris. 

“Then what we have to do is test the soils and if we find PCBs in you know there are one or two areas where there is PCB in the soil but if we find high percentages then we will have to do removal of that soil. That will happen while school is happening but we will follow all of the appropriate protocols.”

REPORTER: “What assurances do you have … a couple of planning commissioners were kind of publicly irked that these plans were being rushed through and they didn’t have time to get their their questions answered. 

“What assurances are you willing to give the community about this?” 

SMMUSD OFFICIAL:  “This will be the fourth set of buildings that we’ve demolished there on the campus. 

“On each of those we have made sure to follow all of the appropriate protocols set forth by the EPA, the Department of Toxics Substances Control, the So Cal Air Management Control District, and the other agencies that lay out what we should do. 

“We have environmental professionals present while the environmental contractor is taking out the stuff. 

REPORTER: “And all the stuff is going into sealed trucks, correct?”

SMMUSD OFFICIAL: “That’s correct.  All of the abated material gets sealed in sealed trucks and gets trucked out of the city I think going up north.”

There are two sets of Malibu High decision for the city council to make. 

One … coming up August 8th … is the specific plan.

That is a rather confusing name … because the specific plan is not really supposed too be specific.

That is the set of changes that must be made in Malibu’s General Plan … its zoning code.

In order to build the school … the zoning plan needs to be changed by adopting a general set of guidelines called the specific plan.

Once that is done … the district can present the specific design for the proposed structures … for the city to decide on.

Demolition is under way now.  Then the story poles go up … and the Planning Commission and residents get to comment.

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