Councilman Warns ‘This Is What Happens When You Do Not Support Police’ – Wants Malibu To Wade Into Compton Shooting

Written by on September 15, 2020

Two sheriff’s deputes who were shot when they were blindsided by a gunman who walked up to their patrol car remain hospitalized.

Black activists are decrying and denouncing the violent attack on the deputies.

But they say that does not lessen their demand for investigations into the lack of social justice in L-A and nationwide.

And now the Malibu city council is poised to wade into the matter.

Councilman Rick Mullen got the nod last night for the city to send a letter of support to local deputies.

Mullen says the shootings reflect a disrespect for law enforcement.


“That episode … that’s what you get when you go on record as an elected official it’s happening all over and don’t support your law-enforcement.

“And you get a lot of rules that impede the ability of law-enforcement and you let them out of jail early and all of that.”

Mullen did not mention at all… the recent unjustified killings of Black or Hispanic people by police.

Mullen did not mention at all … the illegal and violent arrest of a Los Angeles radio reporter … on a public sidewalk … covering last weekend’s shootings.

No vote was taken … but the consensus decision was to ask the city manager to draft a letter of support to local deputies.

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