Council Says ‘OK, Norm, It Will Cost You More Than $400,000 For Your Hotel’

Written by on April 28, 2020

Converting an office building in midtown Malibu … into a luxury hotel … might happen.

But it will cost a developer a lot more than the 400 thousand dollars he is offering.

By a 5 to nothing vote last night …, the city council approved entering into negotiations with developer Norm Haynie.

He;’s the guy who wants to demolish that green abandoned gas station … across from Billionaires Beach.

The large office building with an underground garage … up the hill … would be converted to three dozen luxury suites.

Haynie wants permission to start making a development deal with the city … the city manager wants to know if the city council wants her to start negotiating.

During last night’s telephone city council meeting … only a few voices for or against it.

And that was the point … with two speakers saying this decision is too big to make during a pandemic 

Hamish Patterson said the matter was only added to the agenda three days ago.


“Seventy two hours to digest this??

“That’s not right.

“And this is a major development right the one of the most congested areas of Malibu.

“And I am absolutely appalled that this is on the agenda item right now.

“And I am actually offended at the $400,000 lowball.”

But Malibu Realtor Paul Grisanti opined that there will be plenty of chances for Malibu residents to delve into any deal with the city … but first … the city needs to craft a deal with the hotel builder.


“I think that the brilliance of this whole thing is that the building … nearly all the square footage already exists and it’s they’re legally it’s extremely well built and remodeling it isn’t going to add anything.”

Last nights boat doesn’t commit the city to anything … it gives direction to the city council to begin talks with the developer.

City attorney Christie Hogan emphasize that will be multitudes of opportunities for the public comment on the propose hotel conversion.


“Whatever we do is going to go to the planning commission AND THERE IS  going to be a public hearing on that in the planning commission will weigh in on it.

“And then it will come to you.

“And there’ll be another part of public hearing and you’ll make a decision.

“So (right now) there is no project….

“It’s just a question as to whether you want us to delegate resources in that discussion.”

By a 5-0 vote … the city Council decided to have those discussions with developer.

The only real guidance laIid down last night … Norma Haney is going to have to give the city a lot more than $400,000 take convince it To give him the zoning changes and other permits he needs to build his hotel in midtown Malibu.

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