Council Makes Minor Changes To Short Term Rentals, But Chooses Neighborhood Quiet Over $$$

Written by on September 15, 2020

Short term rentals have been before the city council at least 8 times over the last 4 years. .

And last night … the city council finally approved two short term rental ordinances …and a state coastal plan change request.

Council members heard from 33 speakers and got tons of emails.

Councilman Jefferson Wagner.


“We’ve given it plenty of time … and it’s been well announced. I just want to clarify it for people who are just checking in or did not know what was going on right now. A lot of the comments that came in on the email are pertinent and they are only going about reiterating what was already agreed-upon anyone meeting or another.”

Some council members worried that the new rules were too a little bit too broad.

Karen Farrer cited some families … who said their longstanding practice of renting out their houses while they go on vacation is threatened.


FERRER: “You know there are a lot of unique situations that we’ve heard from tonight … like the (INAUDIBLE) family.

MULLEN: “Well … remember … I mean … what is the priority???

“The priority is residential neighborhoods … the character of the neighborhood … and having … neighbors.”

Karen Farrer … followed by councilman Rick Mullen.

The council approved basically the same ordinance that was approved for Santa Monica.

The council made a few tinkerings … so the final language is going to have to come back for a vote.

The council voted to allow an owner of a short term rental to appoint a designated operator to handle things … to be able to leave town for up to two months a year.

But the owner of designated operator must be on the site … 9 a m to 6 p m on days it is being rented out.

And they cleared up that a duplex or triplex can have one unit rented out overnights … and multifamily unites larger than that can have two.

The city council meeting stretched until well after 1 in the morning.

Other items …

Developer Norm Haynie was told there is no way to avoid doing an environmental study on his proposed Sea View Hotel.

City council members are in a hurry to APPROVE THE proposed new hotel … across the street from Nobu …

Virtually no one opposes the hotel … which would add 20 thouand dolars a week in hotel tax to a city treasury that could really use the money.

But the environmental review will take as long as 8 months …

And on Point Dume … new speed humps may go in this fall on two streets.

The city has now gone out to bid on speed humps for Fernhill and Dume Drive … but not Birdview.

Last night … the city council approved staggered overnight parking along PCH at Corral Beach and Zuma Beach.

Signs cannot go up … however … until the Coastal Commission approves. 

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