Council Descends Into Rancor And Vulgarity, as Grisanti (Again) Elected Junior Mayor

Written by on February 9, 2021

The following item contains language that may be offensive to some listeners … barnyard language spoken at last night’s city council meeting by elected officials.

Anyone looking for a change in tone at last night’s city council meeting … would be sorely disappointed.

Despite agreeing on a few matters of city business … the council expressed bitter feelings and animosity … once again … a 3 to 2 split.

Once again … the council voted to elect Paul Grisanti as mayor pro tem … a largely meaningless post but one generally viewed as next in line to be mayor.

One again … city councilman Bruce Silverstein was passed over for the job .. which usually goes to the top vote-getter in the last election.

Usually but not always … the majority of the council feeling that Silverstein’s attacks on them … not to mention city manager Reva Feldman … means they cannot trust him.

Members of the public appeared on the computers …. once again … a large majority supporting city manager Reva Feldman.

Kasey Ernst … executive director of the Boys and Girls Club … the largest social service agency in the citry.


I have state county and federal contracts.

Our city operates at the highest standard of transparency … reporting … accounting and communication out of any entity that I have dealt with.”

And former city councilwoman Laura Rosenthal … reading a letter signed by the nine former Malibu mayors.


Each of us are former mayors … and have served with Reva Feldman when she was either the director of administrative services … the assistant city manager … or the city manager.

All of us can attest to her extraordinary work ethic.”

And former east coast mayor Burt Ross … addressing Silverstein directly.


Before you joined this city council … and before you worked with her for even a day … you had the unmitigated gall to call her a fascist and corrupt.

Have you no decency? “Have you know shame or do you simply enjoy smearing the reputations of others?

Have you not yet learned that you can disagree without being disagreeable?”

Silverstein claims that his supporters are intimidated … threatened somehow … and afraid to speak out in public.

One voice speaking up for Silverstein … Bill Sampson.

He says the other city council members don’t like Silverstein because of his style.


Because they all don’t like him.

Because he is aggressive … he is that.

He is strident.

He’s east coast … he is Fenway Park.

“ ‘You want a piece of me?’

You don’t hear that at Dodger Stadium.”

Silverstein says he has numerous emails of support … signed by people he won’t name … because he says they are afraid of retribution.

And he again attacked Feldman last night … this time for her request for the city to do something about the alleged harassment from Silverstein.


A number of people have expressed the serious concern about the fact that we have a city manager … who claims to the city council that she is not capable of doing her job … threatened to sue the city … and yet carries on as if it is business as usual.”

That Silverstein claim was blasted as bogus by Farrer.


I’ll just adjust one thing Bruce said … (that I said) the “city manager is unable to do her job.’

I didn’t say that.

She claimed harassment.

It’s very clear.

The letter from her attorney is public.

So I don’t know why you would say that.”

And Silverstein … while still putting in his name for consideration as the understudy to the mayor … said he hopes there will be a day when he will be accepted.


And it’s fine that we’re not there today … I mean ..

It’s fine with me. … I get it.

Karen…. you too.

I mean … look… I get that Paul and Karen do not like me.

I get that there are reasons … for them to not like me.

That’s cool.”

Silverstein was active on social media … as late as this week … again blasting the city manager … according to Karen Farrer.

And Farrer said … anyone who acted that way was not going to be appointed in any leadership position.

And that led to this memorial exchange between Farrer and council member Steve Uhring … still pleading for his political brother Silverstein to be appointed mayor pro tem.


We again have a council member who apparently the way he has figured out to talk is to criticize .. to insult .. to throw claims out loosely … that as I am concerned appear to be unfounded.

And the last thing you said Steve was ‘treat other people the way you want to be treated.’

I could not agree more.

Until those things start happening … I am not sure how we start healing.”

UHRING: “You know … we can keep peeing on each other’s legs …

FARRER: “I’m not trying to pee on your leg … Steve.

“I am using your words.”

UHRING: “I understand my words.

“I chose my words wisely.”

And with those carefully chosen words … the Malibu City Council voted once again … by a 3 to 2 vote against Silverstein.

Paul Grisanti was elected mayor pro tem.

The city council met for more than seven hours last night … with the most important issue … the city’s midyear financial report … starting at 11:15.

It finished at 12:30.

We will have a report on that tomorrow.

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