Cops Confirm: Malibu Beaches Deteriorated Into Drunken Messes Due To COVID Bar Closures

Written by on October 8, 2020

The closure of bars and nightclubs in California turned Malibu’s beaches into an alcohol-soaked party zone last summer.

County sheriff’s deputies wrote 25 hundred 75 tickets to people drinking alcohol on beaches last summer.

Liuetenant James Braden says the beach team … the special detachment hired by Malibu to enforce rules on the beach … had its hands full.

A record number ion beachgoers flooded Malibu this summer.

Huge numbers … in the millions.

And they drank … lots of them drank.


“So these people … the beach population was about twice the size that it was … and they decided hey we’re goring to come drink in your city since all the bars are closed.”

Nearly  26 hundred citations for drinking alcohol on the beach were written last summer.

And hundreds of arrests … many for the inevitable fights or other problems from all the liquor in the sand.

The beach team had to change tactics this year.

That’s because of an unprecedented deluge of people …and problems … at beaches other than the big ones.

Places like El matador … and the other small pocket beaches up the coast.

Lt Braden says deputies had to broaden their scope.


“We also did 12 different undercover operations.

“Some of that was on regular beaches but a lot of this was on the Broad beach area .. because a lot of the residences were having issues with .…

“A lot of the beaches saw more population than they’ve ever seen in the 20 years I’ve been around the beach here…

“Some of these areas here were just off the hooks busy all the time.”

Braden gave his report to the  Malibu Public Safety Commission last night.

The sheriff’s office is hired by the city as its police force.

Malibu spends about 9 million dollars a year for police services from L-A County.

And Malibu kicks in an extra half million dollars a year for a beach team .. eight deputies who are stationed mostly at Zuma Beach.

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