Coastal Commission This Morning Considers Delaying Malibu Poison Ban – Wildlife Suffer While Bureaucrats Make Changes

Written by on September 10, 2020

Malibu’s plan to ban rat poison … weed killers and other chemicial pesticides and herbicides goes before the California Coastal Commission today … and it is expected to be delayed.

Bureaucrats at the Coastal Commission think it is more important to do a little tinkering with the poison ban … rather than immediately stop the poisoning of animals like mountain lions and coyotes.

Malibu activists have been working for years to get around a state law … passed after lobbying by big chemical companies.

The law prohibits local governments from banning rat poison … bad for business.

But the Coastal Commission is part of state government … and the state government is allowed to ban pesticides or herbicides.

Thus … Malibu is asking the Coastal Commission to change the Local Coastal Plan to ban the poison.

Coastal is expected to go along.

But now … their staff says they want to make some small changes in the Malibu proposal.

In effect… they want the poisoning of wildlife in Malibu to continue … while the bureaucracy takes another one year to analyze things.

Malibu officials say they expect only a few minor … technical changes to the plan.

The Malibu poison ban is number 13 on today’s agenda.

And this is a case where the COVID crisis has a positive angle.

Malibu residents no longer have to drive as far as Eureka or San Diego to testify before the coastal Commission.

They can testify on the Zoom platform:

As of 10:15 am … the Commission was at item 9.

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