Coastal Commission Staff Asks To Delay Malibu Poison Ban

Written by on August 31, 2020

Malibu’s ban on pesticides has run into a delay at the California Coastal Commission.

The ordinance is aimed at preventing the poisoning of local wildlife … who die gruesome deaths when anticoagulant poison intended for rats works it was up the food chain into large birds and mammals.

The Coastal Commission has to approve the ordinance … and there is a countdown clock deadline for them to decide.

But the commission is understaffed to begin with … and further clogged by cases die to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The commission is being asked to approve a one year delay in the countdown clock.

Malibu’s ordinance tracks a similar pesticide ban already approved by the commission for the surrounding Santa Monica Mountains area of unincorporated L A County.

And it would appear that approval of the Malibu ordinance would be a slam dunk by the commission.

At city hall … Malibu officials say they don’t think it will take a year to get the approval up to the commission.

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