Coastal Commission Boss Wants To Work With Coastal Cities On Ocean Level Rise

Written by on December 12, 2019

The California Coastal Commission meets again this morning in Malibu Canyon.

The three day December meeting has been rotated in to the King Gillette Ranch.

Not much on the agenda this time … there is however a call to the public at 9 in the morning.

That gives Malibu residents a rare chance to appear before the commission to speak.

Another call to the public will be at 9 a-m tomorrow as well.

The big item … Malibu wise … is a field trip that the commission will take tomorrow to Malibu Bluffs Park.

City officials expect M R C A director Joe Edmiston to appear there … to host the Coastal Commission on a discussion about the City of Malibu.

That meeting is open to the public.

Starting at about 10:30  or so … at Malibu Bluffs park tomorrow.

At yesterday’s meeting … executive director Jack Ainsworth said the commission’s biggest goal is to deal with ocean levels rising … and with local governments in California that are unprepared to deal with the consequences.

But the Coastal Commission boss said the answer will not be top down directions to the cities … like Malibu.


“We’re all in this together.

“We really need to pull together.

“We may have some differences … but it’s really important on all levels that we are working together … on the local and the state and the federal level to get funding to funding available to the local governments to get this really important planning work … but also projects down the line.”

jack Ainsworth … executive director of the California Coastal Commission … speaking in Malibu yesterday.

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