Coastal Commission Meets In Malibu Next Week – Tour Of Bluffs Park On Agenda

Written by on December 2, 2019

The California Coastal Commission will have a most unusual meeting … in Malibu Canyon … this month.

And there are no issues stemming directly from the City of Malibu on the agenda.

The three day meeting starts a week from Wednesday … it will be in the auditorium of the King Gillette Ranch … in Malibu Canyon.

And like all Coastal Commission meetings … it will start that Wednesday Thursday and Friday at 9 in the morning with a public comment period.

Joe Edmiston …. executive director of the MRCA … the Mountains Recreation

Conservation Authority … frequently appears at the call to the public to make disparaging comments about Malibu residents or issues.

Given the fact that these meetings happen up and down the state … Malibu residents are not frequently in line to speak.

On Friday … the Coastal Commission staff will give a presentation on sea level rise vulnerability in the Los Angeles County area.

The agenda says the will also talk about the need to communicate about sea level rise impacts…

And they will consider the potential need to relocate development along the coast in the future to address increased hazards.

And if time permits at the end of the three day meeting …  the Commission may take a field trip to visit Malibu Bluffs Park on the afternoon of Friday December 13th.

There are apparently no plans by the Coastal Commission to visit Sycamore Park … That’s the Malibu neighborhood where some Coastal Commissioners have been encouraging the M R C A to build a park  … accessible only by a narrow series of private driveways.

The Coastal Commission meeting starts a a week from Wednesday … at King Gillette Ranch in Malibu Canyon.

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