Civic Center Way Widening Straightened Out Between Planning Comm and City Council

Written by on February 11, 2020

It looks like the widening and straightening of Civic Center Way in Malibu wIll go ahead.

But Malibu’s city council last night adopted most of the changes suggested by the planning commission …

The planning commissioner came if for some criticism from members of other commissions …. When it requested seven changes in the roadway plan.

At last night’s city council meeting … planning commissioner John Mazza explained that the Planning Commissioners were following the Malibu General Plan … and onyl made a few changes to make the project look more rural.

In the end the city council adopted most of the changes suggested by the planning commission …

A wire fence will be replaced with a plank fence  … and a sidewalk Will be surfaced with a cement and dirt mixture.

City council put off the idea of extending a bike lane Down to web way.

And they also so they want to traffic study … to see how the issue of traffic merging from Civic Center Way on the Malibu Canyon Road is affecting residents in the Malibu Knolls neighborhood.

People they are complaining that the constant flow of traffic is making it impossible for them to get out of their neighborhood on to Malibu Canyon Road.


But … the city council last night parking lot gate at Point Dume is a no go.

The Malibu City Council last night decided to withdraw its request to the coastal commission for the parking lot gate.

But it may be too little too late to avoid a run in with the coastal commission enforcement people.

As we have been reporting … parking lot gate triggered a response along the lines of “hey – what the heck is going on over there?’

In 1999 … the city promised the coastal commission it would run a shuttle bus down Point Dume … and put in a parking lot for 12 cars.

The bus was a bust … and after 10 years it was discontinued.

But when the city proposed put in a gate at the lot  … to keep vehicles out after sunset … coastal officials began asking questions.

Like … where is the shuttle bus??

Where are the 22 parking places that the city promised …
Why have nearby parking spaces been eliminated?

Why is malibu acting like it gets to keep the general public out from a beachfront park?

All of this came as a surprise to the city.

Last night … they backed down.

City council members say they need to communicate to the Coastal Commission … that they are bringing too many people to a nature preserve … people who are loving the park to death.

The city Council decided to drop its request to put the parking lot gate in. Whether that’s enough to keep the wolves from the coastal commission at the door… Remains to be seen.

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