City To Hear City Appeal Of A City Decision – Planning Commission Made Changes In Civ Center Way Plan

Written by on January 31, 2020

Sometimes government works … and sometimes it will leave an objective viewer just shaking ones head.

Malibu’s Planning Commission has stuck its fingers into designing a road improvement … triggering a dispute with the city’s staff … which says the changes ordered by the Commission will not work.

So … the city has appealed a decision by its own city planning commission to the city council.

At issue is the reconstruction of Civic Center Way … between Webb Way and Malibu Canyon Road.

The project had been talked about for years … and it had been reviewed and approved by the city Public Works Commission.

But when the city staff took it to the Planning Commission … that commission made a few changes.

The planning commissioners did not like the use of vinyl on a safety fence …. they say it could burn.

Staff says the vinyl might melt … but not burn.

The commissioners want landscaping on a concrete retaining  wall … the city staff says that will be an engineering problem that will add cost but not accomplish anything.

And the commission wanted a separate bike lane on Civic Center way … the staff says that would cut into developable land.

The city council is being asked now to settle this squabble between the road engineers and the planning commissioners.

The city staff has drawn up a 292 page report on the squabble . it’s posted on the Internet.

The city council gets to play adult in the room in a week.

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