City Tells CPUC: You Screwed Up On Blackouts

Written by on October 10, 2018

And … the city of Malibu has served papers on the California Public Utilities Commission … to modify the pre-emptive blackout plan. 

The city is asking the CPUC to throw out its approval of allowing utilities to turn off power in bad winds.

Like the CPUC action filed by other Malibu interests … the city contends that the new policy was instituted without public input … without talking to affected agencies.

The Malibu filing notes that people were caught unaware by the state’s move to change the rules … and thus unable to have input into the plan … as required by state law.

The city notes that an earlier approval … of a very limited blackout plan for the backcountry in San Diego County … was approved only after extensive outreach and comment by the affected parties.

But the state kept it an effective secret … when it suddenly decided last summer to allow the local power company to turn off the lights at its discretion.

Malibu is the first city in the state to formally object.

It joins a legal objection filed by the owners of this radio station … Zuma Beach FM Broadcasters Incorporated … which now has standing to file a lawsuit.

It’s a judicial matter now … so Edison cannot comment on the cities filing.

And KBUU recognizes the conflict of interest inherent in us reporting on this story.

And we recognize the attendant obligation to the ride balanced and fair news coverage of it.

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