City Manager To Make First Major Appearance Tonight, As Council Votes On His Interim Deal

Written by on May 13, 2021

Steve McClary was appointed as Malivub’s new city manager two weeks ago, and tonight, the city council will vote on his contract.  At $14,580 a month,. it’s a little bit less than what former city manager Reva Feldman made. 

And the contract gives the city council the right to let McClary go immediately … if it hires a permanent city manager.

And McClary is in the running to become the permanent city manager.

Sources on the city council tell KBUU News that McClary very much wants to prove he is up to the fulltime job.

The council voted 5 to nothing to hire McClary … who had been working as assistant city manager in Camarillo.

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Two major issues that we’ve been telling you about … finally reach the city council tonight.

One is the issue of standalone parking lots.

Some of the overcrowded businesses on Pacific Coast Highway in eastern Malibu have been asking for a zoning change …

they want to use land near the Civic Center …. to park their employees cars.

There has also been talk of using shuttle vehicles … to allow visitors rto access areas like PointDume or Escondido Canyon by parking at the civic center,

This would allow the city to ban parking on PCH in dangerous areas for pedestrians … and might settle access fights with the Coastal Commission on Point Dume.

Very controversial … some people feed standalone parking lots violates the Malibu rural character.

The other issue percolating on high … the Point Dume Community Services District.

That is an official government agency … with nothing to do.

It was created 40 years ago … before there was a city of Malibu … to take care of thr abandoned Point Dume elementary school.

The district reopened the school … the cioty was created … and the Point Dume Community Services District has an elected board of directors … 12 thousand dollars in the bank … and nothing to do.

The county wants to eliminate it.

But some Point Dume residents want to expand its authority … to create and run a Point Dume fire brigade.

The county says there are other ways to do that … like a Fire Safe Council.


On other interesting item on the city council agenda for tonight.

Malibu may get chipper days … finally.

Many cities in Southern California schedule days when residents can drag out large chunks of dead trees … to the curb… for curbside pulverizing.

Malibu has applied for $324,000 for the removal of 100 dead or dying trees on public and private property, as well as 12 community chipper and green waste days.

The plan is to have the city’s Fire Safety Liaison to reach out to property owners who have trees that are particularly dangerous to critical infrastructure and surrounding residences.

Community chipper and green waste days will provide residents an opportunity to dispose of large amounts of fire-hazardous vegetation with free community curbside chipper pick-up.

The grant request has been filed with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy …. not exactly a friend to Malibu in the views of many.

The conservancy has … to our knowledge … never been asked by the city to fund any project.

Usually … it is Joe Edminsotn and his M R C A agency that uses conservancy funds foe projects … bypassing the City of Malibu and frequently angering residents.

The grant request has already been filed with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy …. the city council will be asked to ratify that request tonight.


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