City In Dark If Big New Paradise Cove Sewage Treatment Plant Is Safe, Planning Comm Wants Data

Written by on April 21, 2020

The owners of the Paradise Cove trailer park subdivision have a major problem … and so now does the city of Malibu.

Last night … the Planning Commission voted by a 3 to 2 vote to demand more information about how a new sewage treatment plant is going to operate at paradise Cove …

That’s the subdivision of 258 mobile homes … and a giant restaurant … that’s under s State Water Board order to clean up chronic, decades-long water pollution violations.

The state ordered a new sewage cleansing plant to be built … paradise Cove built it … but the owners failed to even apply for City fo Malibu construction permits.

The plant was built … new sewer lines were pout in … the city issued a stoop work order.

But the state water board order to operate the new plant remains.

Last night the Planning Commission voted 3 to 2 to have city staff further investigate the sewage plant’s installation and operations … worried that it has not been designed or inspected properly. 

Commissioner Jeff Jennings said the matter is frustrating … but leaving the plant almost finished is simply a bad idea.


JEFF JENNINGS: “Yeah it kind of rankles … but by God …. this is a solution that has been a long long time coming that needs to be taken care of … and that is why I am going to vote no … not to continue it.

“But go ahead John.

JOHN MAZZA: “In 2005 … the Malibu Surfside News had a picture on its front page of sewage running down the street, OK?

“The city goes ‘okay we got a problem … here let’s fix it’

“Here we are 15 years later with a failure… and the Regional Water Board . because we slid on it.

“Now is out chance to fix it.”

That’s planning commissioners Jeff Jennings and John Mazza … last night.

By a 3-2 vote … the commissioners asked for the city staff to bring technical data about how the sewer plant will operate.

But as one commissioner noted … the amount of data being requested may take weeks to assemble.

And the State Water Board wants the new sewer plant turned on pronto.

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