City Explains Decision To Take Masks Our Of Storage To Meet Immediate Health Danger

Written by on March 26, 2020

As we reported yesterday …

Thousands of N-95 masks have been taken out of city storage lockers and donated to local hospitals.

City Councilman Mikke Pierson says the masks are leftover from the last disaster.


“The 2018 Woolsey fire … the city purchased N-95 masks to provide to residence to protect against smoke.

“Most of the mass were given away at the time. But then the city had some masks left over … that was stored away for use in future fires.”

Pierson says the masks will do more good being used … right now … to save lives … than sitting in storage during a crisis.

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“I am proud that Malibu is doing our part to help protect our healthcare workers so that they can protect our most vulnerable community members … including seniors and people with the underlying health conditions.

“One of the greatest challenges with the Coronavirus pandemic is the risk that healthcare workers will contract the virus and be unable to perform their life-saving work.”

City Councilman Mikke Pearson.

At its last meeting … the city Council approved donating any surplus masks … possibly to the virus ravaged areas of China.

The need for masks there has lessened.

But all of a sudden … despite warnings that the virus could spread here … the United States finds itself critically short of this basic health necessity.

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