City Council Casts Shade At YSL: “Manipulation Was A Bad Look”

Written by on June 11, 2019

Last weeks Yves St. Laurent Fashion show debacle at Paradise Cove may result in criminal prosecution.

The construction of a fashion runway on the beach may have attracted Fashion reporters from around the world … but it happened in a state marine protected area.

And it happened during a grunion run … interfering with the fish mating on the beach.

Mayor Jefferson Wagner …


“Today I did get a call from Fish and Wildlife.

“And the woman at Fish and Wildlife indicated that there were number of violations, and that the photos she had and the information she had received of the violation of the MPA (Marina Protected Area), the pushing of the sand into the lower high tide line, and the number of issues including the sandbags we’re now part of her jurisdiction, and she’s not going to let go of it.”

City council members said they got an earful from Malibu residents Friday night .. Uniformly very unhappy about the gigantic Spring fashion show held at Paradise Cove.

It turns out that Yves St. Laurent requested a special event permit … was turned down … and then came back to request a film permit.

City council members were furious at the trick.


FARRER: “That was manipulation on the part of Yves St Laurent.

“I was pissed when I found out about it.

MULLEN: “I agree with everybody on the fashion show nightmare.

“There was valet parking strip ALL THRU every nook and cranny of western Malibu that night.

“it was a nightmare.”

PEAK: “The amount of light that was going into the air was uncalled for, the amount of waste on the beach was uncalled for, and the fact that the brand manipulated the city and the film permit process was a bad look.” 

That’s city council members Karen Farrer Rick Mullen and Skyler Peak.

It’s not really clear if the city can prosecute the Paradise Cove restaurant … the event planners or Yves St. Laurent.

That’s up to the city attorney.

But now the state Fish and Wildlife rangers appear ready to refer the matter to the state Attorney General’s office.

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