CHP Looking For Witnesses Who May Have Seen Blue Subaru or SUV Just Before Deadly Crash – Voting Centers Open Today, Tomorrow – MRCA-AffiliatedGroup Buying Massive Chunk Of Mugs Coastline

Written by on November 7, 2022

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This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Monday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting. 


The Woolsey Fire started four years ago today … also the Borderline Bar mass killing of 12 people in Thousand Oaks. 

Western Malibu burned four years ago tomorrow … three dead here.


Election days are today and tomorrow.

Three polling places are open today until 7 PM – and tomorrow until 8 PM.


2-3 Inches Of Rain On Tap, Mostly Tomorrow

Three days of rain have already arrived in Malibu… With heavy rain likely tomorrow. The national weather service says we’re going to get a pretty good Alaska cold front winter storm.

This morning we got coastal drizzle … not really the storm.

The cold front’s first wave passes through at about 1 o’clock … that’s when we will get some light rain.

There is a possible six or 12 hour break in the rainfall… 

And then … the heavy rain by tomorrow morning.

The second band of rain has some energy in it which might cause thunderstorms… water spouts… maybe even a rare Southern California tornado. 

Heavy rain and winds to 35 miles an hour … tomorrow night.

By Wednesday morning it will still be raining… a total 2 or maybe 3 inches of rain will have fallen in Malibu … according to the forecast.

That is a huge amount for so early in the season. 


CHP Seeks Witnesses Who May Have Seen Subaru or SUV Before 4:23 am Crash Killed 5 At Mugu

Yesterday’s crash that killed 5 people near Mugu Rock has CHP investigators asking witnesses to call them.

It appears that a blue 2020 Subaru sedan was heading towards Oxnard.

At 4:23 a-m … the driver … a man … may have crossed over the center line … as the car collided with an SUV heading towards Malibu.

By all appearances … the crash was in the southbound lane … 

But the CHP is using laser measurements to determine which driver crossed into the wrong lane.

Four people inside the SUV burned to death.  

The fire was so hot that aluminum melted …. the human remains were incinerated.

The Subaru also burned … its driver was killed on impact.

The crash happened about a half mile west of Mugu Rock … its precise location was at the left turn lane for the wildlife overlook at Mugu Lagoon.

Right there … PCH has one lane in each direction … with a left turn lane in the middle of the lanes. 

That puts a fairly wide amount of space between the opposing traffic lanes.

Traffic may have been heavier than usual early yesterday morning … as the Malibu Marathon was about to get underway.

No victim names have been released. 

The Ventura CHP office has put out a public request for witnesses … anyone who saw anything unusual … possibly involving a blue Subaru sedan … at about 4 a-m Sunday in Malibu.


Caltrans, Fresh From New PCH Landslide And Trancas Debacle, Seeks Permit For Big Rock Work

Caltrans officials have yet to comment on Saturday morning’s landslide in Malibu.

A section of cliff came down on PCH just west of the Union 76 gas station at Latigo Beach on Saturday morning. 

That unstable section of cliff has frequently caused major rockslides.

It’s been about 15 years since the last huge landslide there … when traffic on the highway was blocked for several days … splitting Malibu in half.

Caltrans has in the past knocked loose vulnerable rocks and installed heavy metal mesh on cliffs vulnerable to landslides … in the Point Mugu area.

In fact .. such rock screen were just stapled onto the side of cliffs above Decker Canyon Road … Highway 23. 

The Saturday cliff rockslide blocked traffic for about an hour … while heavy equipment cleared the road.

Caltrans officials are to appear before the Planning Commission tonight … seeking city permits to construct 177 feet of vertical wall along PCH just east of the Big Rock traffic signal.

The state says the oceanside shoulder and slow lane of PCH are in danger of completely eroding as a result of storm damage from the ocean 7 years ago. 

The state installed temporary rock work to keep the highway from sliding into the ocean… But now they want to install a vertical steel and concrete wall to hold up the road. As we’ve reported… The state first has to relocate overhead powerlines and communications lines… And relocate underground water and gas lines… To the inland side of the highway… To get them out of the way of the construction.

And all this comes as Caltrans still refuses to explain what exactly went wrong with his project at Trancas Creek… Where a new replacement bridge deck that was supposed to be finished a week ago now sits abandoned.

It’s not clear if Caltrans engineers will be able to explain the Trancas construction snafu… As they ask the planning commission for approval to seriously disrupt traffic on Pacific Coast Highway in Eastern Malibu with lane closures and nighttime construction work.

Tonight’s planning commission meeting is at 6:30 on the computers.


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The tap room at Trancas Country Market is open…

And the Malibu Brewing Company is serving its Oktoberfest fest beer … a traditional lager with notes of toffee … moderate malt flavors and delicate hops.

A chef prepared menu to enjoy on the patio or inside.

Malibu Brewing Company Malibu California

Navy Suspected As Source For Coastal Rumbling In Malibu Sunday

Residents up and down the Malibu coast heard it.

Low rumbling noises… All day…

One sound engineer described it as a low rumble… below 80 hertz.

That’s at the bottom of the sound spectrum that humans can hear.

We heard it… And we heard it while we were at the Point Mugu crash site.

It did not appear to us to be coming from the oint Mugu naval station.

The Navy has frequently conducted offshore artillery and other ordinance drills far out to see… Usually more than 90 miles off the California coast.

Navy public affairs officers are impossible to reach on weekends. 

We hope to get some answers form the Navy today.

As fort now … remember … it’s a big ocean … there’s a Navy in it … and they have big things that make huge noise when they explode. 


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93 Twitter Employees at Santa Monica Get CTRL-ALT-DELeted

Malibu and the entire westside will feel the heat as Twitter and Facebook lay off people.

Twitter laid off 983 employees in California Friday … 93 of those people had worked in Santa Monica.

Elon Musk’s ego at work.

Facebook is poised for big layoffs now … it has 200 employees near Playa Vista.


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Edmiston Readies To Buy Deer Creek Land Near Pt Mugu, Supposedly For NPS

You may have seen a big article in the Los Angelesi mes over the weekend about a major expansion of the Santa Monica Mountains national recreation area.

The times did not get it right.

The land is not being purchased for $25 million by the National Park Serrvice.

It’s an affiliate of the the MRCA… the Coastal Conservancy … which is buying the land.

We’re talking about the priceless stretch of California coast between Neptunes net and point Mugu… stretching a few miles inland as well.

A few decades ago… an aerospace billionaire bought the land with plans to level the mountains… use the rocks to create an artificial marina… And construct a huge real estate development.

Harry Mansdorf devised plans to develop the oceanfront mountains into a destination resort with two 18-hole golf courses, a five-star hotel, condominiums, a man-made lake, and estates.

He was cheated out of the land by business partners … they were all kinds of nasty lawsuits.

And now his estate has reached a deal to sell the land… to the MRCA affiliate.

Some of his observers call the Coastal Conservancy and  “Joe Edmiston’s government fiefdom” … 

It has a nasty little habit of putting together government purchase deals like this … but then keeping the land under his control.

KBUU news would point to this week’s agenda for one of Joe Edmiston’s overlapping government agencies … which has plans for the MRCA to buy the land.

Not the National Park Service. 

The Trust For Public Lands is also involved the complicated government purchase. 

The Trust’s state director warned the LA Times … ”Don’t start cheering yet. It may take another two years “of hard work and planning,” Rodriguez said, to complete the procedures required to bring the property under management of the National Park Service.

The National Park Service has for more than 20 years ago targeted the 12 hundred acres ofd property once owned by 

Harry Mansford  Mansford property as a potentially “high-value acquisition” because it serves as a natural corridor between the Santa Monica Mountains and the 14,000-acre Point Mugu State Park.


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