Chili CookOff Violence? Braden Says Very Little

Written by on September 9, 2021

Last weekend’s Chili Cookoff was not violent … it was not out of control … and there were very few incidents of trouble.

That’s the conclusion of Malibu sheriff’s liaison Lieutenant Jim Braden.

Braden says he was satisfied that the level of deputies and security guards was appropriate … and that at no time was the crowd … out of control.

He says the report of an attack by juveniles in a car … on another group youth on Cross Creek Road … was overblown by some people listening to police scanners.

Braden says detectives … following up the next day ..,. interviewed the victim at the hospital.

He had some serious injuries … including a puncture wound.

He had been in a fight … but Braden said the victim’s story did not stand up as investigators looked into it.

Braden says it was not a hate attack … there was no knife involved … and it may have simply been mutual fighting by people mouthing off at each other on a Friday night.

There was one arrest during the four day carnival … the annual fundraiser benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Malibu.

It was on Saturday night.

A drunken 18 year old woman from the San Fernando Valley was arrested as she and her boyfriend were being questioned by security guards … and monitored by sheriff’s deputies.

Braden says the reports of widespread fights at the carnival over the weekend are not borne out by the facts.

Some people on social media have complained about widespread fighting amongst juveniles at the Chili Cookoff.

He cautions that listening to police scanners can cause an inaccurate picture to be formed.

Police scanners relay what people call in on the phone … and once deputies get to the scene … often those reports are not verified as accurate.

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