Burglars In New Jaguar Hit Fire Victims’ House

Written by on March 13, 2019

A team of burglars driving a Jaguar with no license plates has hit homes from Malibu to the hills above West Hollywood.

ABC 7 in Los Angeles is reporting that a rash of recent burglaries has targeted targeting homes from the Hollywood Hills to Malibu…  with the thieves making off with thousands in jewelry and cash. 

The T V station has home video from a home burglary in Malibu.

The break-in and burglary was at 11 in the morning last Thursday.

The homeowner says the video shows a suspect casing out the house for some time … to make sure no one was home.

When it’s clear no one is home … the man heads to a car. 

Two others emerge from the car … one with a crowbar … he pries open a window.

The suspects then ransack the home in less than five minutes … taking a safe, jewelry and other valuables. 

The suspects left in a newer model black Jaguar with no license plates. 

They left behind a mess .. mud everywhere.

LAPD says a similar incident happened last Wednesday in the Hollywood Hills.

The Malibu victim tells ABC 7 that what happened to him a double whammy.

His home suffered smoke damage during the wildfires and they had just returned home after three months away. 

Video of the two burglaries clearly shows two mens faces.

ABC 7 News report: https://abc7.com/string-of-burglaries-target-malibu-hollywood-hills-homes/5188079/

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