Another Secret Council Session, Another “Nothing To Report”

Written by on February 12, 2021

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Yet another Malibu City Council meeting yesterday … to discuss city manager Reva Feldman’s job performance.

About 50 minutes this time.

Residents may be getting bored with the drama … no one spoke before the council adjourned to go behind closed doors.

And when they emerged … city attorney John Cotti made the announcement.


“Mister Mayor and members of the council good afternoon again.

“The council did convene this afternoon at 3 p-m and discussed the three items on the agenda.

At the conclusion of that … the council took no reportable action.

“That concludes my report.”

City Hall work appears to be going on .,.. Feldman continues to run the 100 employees and their tasks.

Feldman has offered to by bought out of her contract … but a three member majority of the city council does not want her to leave … apparently.

That would track with the results of the last election … where 58 percent of the voters cast ballots for city council candidates who were NOT campaigning to fire Feldman.

Two candidates dedicated to removing her DID win seats on the council …. with a few dozen more votes than a third candidate who won … by supporting Feldman.

The top vote gatherer …. Bruce Silverstein … is campaigning hard to fire Feldman.

He says the parade of people supporting her at city council meetings …  are … quoting … staged.

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