Another Battle With MRCA, Which Wants Toilet On ‘Private Street’ – Paradise Cove Sewage Structure Set Just 3 Feet Back From PCH

Written by on April 15, 2020

The city Planning Commission will meet next week … another Zoom conference … to consider building projects still moving thru the regulatory pipeline.

And one of those projects is a request from the M R C A  to build a permanent structure … a portable toilet surrounded by a six foot fence … on a private street near Ramirez Canyon.

The M R C A  is the Mountain Recreation Conservation Authority … and its been in a decades long fight with the people who own the street that leads to the Ramirez Canyon tail head.

There’s a public toilet down on PCH … the new porta potty style toilet would be one mile up what the city describes to be a private street.

The portable toilet … 8 feet talll … surrounded by a 6-foot security fence … was originally proposed by the M R C A to be placed in the street itself.

Too ugly … said neighbors.

And the city staff worried that a car would hit it … as the street is narrow ad curved and there are no street lights.

The M R C A moved it a little bit off the street and down the hill …

Still too ugly … says the neighbors.

Neighbors continue to have concerns that the toilet is still visible from Winding Way, and would like for the toilet to be shifted further down the hill slope to reduce the toilet’s visibility from the road.

M R C A says its toilet pumping company doesn’t like that .. to  far down a hill to pump.

But residents say the pumping trucks can handle a 40 foot draw.


One of them is a permit for the new sewage plant and pipeline … which has already been built at the Paradise Cove mobile home park.

A complete reconstruction of the trailer park’s two sewage treatment centers began more than two years ago … but got hit with a stop work order from city inspectors.

No permits.

The project has already been built.

Problem: the huge sewage treatment plant sits just three feet back from Pacific Coast Highway .. a state-protected scenic highway.

The state water quality control Board ordered construction of the new sewer plant … and construction began in October 2017.

Then the city found out about it and ordered works stopped …. even though the project is nearing completion … is not yet operational.

The application includes a variance request to allow a reduction of the setback requited from P C H.

And while the new wage treatment center will allow the installation of about 12 new mobile homes at Paradise Cove … that expansion is not on the agenda.

Those mobile homes will be on the bluff at the eastern end of the property … right above the Paradise Cove cafe … and will be tremendously valuable.

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