An Unthinkable Disaster For Malibu Is Pondered: COVID+Santa Anas+PSPS+Fire+Not Enough Firefighters

Written by on March 19, 2020

The unthinkable is being planned for in some parts of California. This scenario is possible in Malibu this fall … if not in Malibu … somewhere else in California … maybe more than once this year:

A brushfire will break out … during a power blackout … in the midst of a pandemic.

Firefighters commanded to practice social distancing … and not enough firefighter boots on the ground due to sick people.

And the smoke that gets into lungs of everyone … makes them even more susceptible to a lung disease like COVID 19.

The San Francisco Chronicle notes that it is not clear exactly how long the new virus will behave during warmer weather … the common cold and flu go away during summer.

Most of California has been experiencing abnormally dry or moderate drought conditions …

February was very dry.

The Sierra Nevada snowpack was less than 40 percent of its normal level as of last week … much of the state is in drought conditions.

Recent rain has made a small dent in that.

Government officials across California are preparing ways to keep their operations continuing if and when the virus requires staff to work remotely or take other precautions

But they tell the San Francisco Chronicle that shelters would be on huge concern.

The other …. smoke.

Two public health experts interviewed by The San Francisco Chronicle said they were worried about the impact of wildfire smoke, since the viral illness affects the respiratory system.

Another raised the prospect of the health care system becoming overburdened.

If Covid 19 comes back in the fall — well, our fall is the worst time for wildfires,” says Dr. David Eisenman of the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.

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