After 8 Years, Where Is Our Skate Park

Written by on July 8, 2019

What ever happened to Papa Jack’s?

And why doesn’t Malibu have a skate park?

That’s the question that some kids and parents plan to ask  at tonight’s Malibu city council meeting 

It’s been 8 years since the Papa Jack’s skateboard ramps were carted off from the vacant lot at Civic Center at Cross Creek.

It had leave its donated site ….. to make way for the shopping center construction.

In those 8 years … the city has acquired several vacant  lots.

It even acquired an addition at Malibu Bluffs Park.

But that was leased out for construction parking …. and the city has not made replacement of Papa Jack’s a priority.

And the M R C A boss … Joe Edmiston … personally vetoed placing the skate ramps on the parking lot at Bluffs Park … which are now again under his partial control.

Parents complain that they have to drive a minimum of 19 miles … about 35 minutes … to get to a skatepark. 

They say skating is a vital part of Malibu’s culture…  and our kids (and adults) deserve to have a park in town.

The Parks commission members have recommended at the skate park replaced be placed only vacant lot now being used for construction parking next to Bluffs Park.

The city has a small $40,000 county grant available for park equipment … but the city parks commission is recommending that it be spent on a workout station at Bluffs Park.

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