KBUU’s Guess: 40 Percent Chance of Blackouts Late This Week

Written by on October 7, 2019

Overnight runs of the forecast computers at the National Weather Service are jelling … confirming that heavy Santa Ana winds will hit Malibu lat this week.

And that brings with it the possibility of intentional electric blackouts.

The winds look likely … the blackouts we are still left guessing about.

Winds will arrive Wednesday night and intensify Thursday morning.

By about 10 a-m Thursday … Malibu mountains will see winds of 35 mph gusting to 60 … for about 24 hours.

Winds across Ventura and Los Angeles counties will be pushed out of the interior deserts through the coastal mountains and out to sea.

The forecast calls for an impressive combination of high pressure inland pressure … strong wind and heat.

Southern California Edison has not yet issued any blackout predictions.

Given past behavior … we can expect SC Edison to give us the first PSPS blackout warnings on tonight, for Thursday morning.

Will Malibu see intentional blackouts???
Very possible.

KBUU will give you a 40 percent possibility of scattered blackouts in Malibu … for Thursday.

Right now … 12 thousand customer accounts in the Mammoth Lakes area remain under blackout possibility warning this morning.

Local government officials up there are complaining that the Edison warning does not indicate a time frame … and is vague.

Mono County has had several P S P S blackout alerts … and actual blackouts … this fall.

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