40 MPH Santa Anas This Afternoon – Moonshadows Co-Owner And Son Killed By Drunk Driver Over Hill -Malibu’s Parks So Dangerous That City Needs Rangers, Commissioner Says  Commissioner – Villanueva 8 Points Behind Challenger In Poll 

Written by on November 3, 2022

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Almost-Big Santa Anas To Arrive This Afternoon

40 mile an hour Santa Anas will hit Malibu this afternoon.

That’s just below the level for red flag warnings… But the wind advisory is up.

Expect the winds to hit at around one or two this afternoon… Intensify at around sunset… And be with us into the night.

The National Weather Service says fire danger will be elevated … but the winds will not reach critical level.


A Moonshadows Owner And His Son Killed By Drunk Driver In Woodland Hills

One of the owners of Moonshadows restaurant was killed… Along with his son… In a fiery crash caused by a drunk driver on Mulholland Drive in Woodland Hills.

Andrea Bullo and his son Marco were burned and injured in the crash … Tuesday night at 9.

Although they were pulled out of the wreckage … they died.

The crash was on Mulholland Drive just east of Valmar Road.

The driver of the other car was identified by Los Angeles police as 21-year-old Kevin Gonzales.

LAPD officers say he was drunk.

Police say he had been speeding east on Mulholland through the Valmar intersection when he rear ended a vintage Ford Mustang driven by Andrea Bullo … who had his son with him/

The Mustang burst into flames.

Gonzales had only minor injuries and was booked for suspected murder.

He is held on a 4 million dollar bail.


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Rebecca Grossman Loses 2nd Bid To Exclude Evidence She Was Drunk When She Killed 2 Kids In A Crosswalk

Rebecca Grossman has once again been told that her blood had alcohol in it … and a jury will hear that evidence against her when it considers two counts of murder against her .

A Los Angeles County judge ruled Tuesday to allow blood evidence in the upcoming trial over the DUI crash that killed two young brothers in 2020.

Rebecca Grossman was allegedly playing high speed road games with her boyfriend … in a pair of high performance cars … when they sped through a crosswalk as a family of 6 was in it.

Mark Iskander, 11, and Jacob Iskander, 8, were hit and killed by Grossman’s ca.

The brothers were hit … one was dragged … by Grossman’s car … which turned itself off after the crash …. much to her confusion.

Grossman is the wife of a prominent burn surgeon in the San Fernando Valley.

A few months before the fatal crash over the hill … she had been reportedly caught driving way above the speed limit on Kanan Dume Road in Malibu … in her high performance car.

She faces a maximum sentence of 34 years to life in prison if convicted of 2 counts of second degree murder.


City Parks Commissioners Worried About Perceived Safety Threats At Malibu’s Bluffs And Legacy Parks

A city parks commissioner is warning about perceived safety threats at Bluffs Park.

Alicia Peak warns that homeless men are at the park all the time… and sometimes strange people drinking alcohol and hanging out.

With the park full of kids playing sports … the parks commission feels the city needs to provide a ranger.


“I am beyond concerned about the safety that is happening at the Bluffs park. I do not see the sheriff being at all helpful. I have called them many times and they come here and do nothing. I am very very worried that we are at the brink of something very very serious happening.”

Parks commissioners last week said they want the public safety commission to take up the issue.

The perceived threat is also being voiced by people who use legacy park … who say that suspicious people frequently linger in the overgrown plants that are intended to replicate native brushland … int he heart of the city.

Employees of the businesses near legacy park I’ve been complaining that remember persons residing in the brush have been harassing them… And committing minor acts of vandalism.

The sheriffs department has already promised to increase patrols at Legacy Park.


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Villanueva 8% Behind Luna As Election Enters Final 6 Days

It looks like Malibu is going to get a new police chief.

With voting already underway … a final Los Angeles Times / U-C Berkeley public opinion poll came out this morning.

It shows controversial sheriff Alex Villanueva eight points behind the challenger… Retired Long Beach police chief Robert Luna.

The UC Berkeley poll shows Luna with 40% of the vote… Villanueva with 32% of the vote… And the undecided column down from nearly 40% to just over one quarter.

Villanueva continues to take a hard right turn in his campaign… trying to appeal to conservatives.

He held his final news conference yesterday… And tried to tell liberals that he wants to hear their voice… 

At the same time … Villanueva used an insulting term for liberals.


“You have to embrace people who look and think differently than you.

“That means you have to be willing to give up a seat at the table to make sure that everybody is on the table. 

“I want to defend the right of someone who thinks that woke is a good thing… I want them to have a seat at the table.”

Alex Villanueva yesterday … using the Fox News descriptor for liberals.

His opponent… Robert Luna… said he is winning because of Villanueva’s blind spots.


“One of the most important traits of any leader is to listen and learn and take responsibility for their actions and the actions of the organization. I haven’t seen that from him once.”

Robert Luna … speaking on ABC7 yesterday.

Luna who sits at 40% of the vote… eight points ahead of Alex Villanueva… According to the latest UC Berkeley LA Times poll.


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School District Yields On Using MHS Parking Lots For Impounded Cars On Non-School Days

Santa Monica school officials now say they will allow towed cars to be stored at Malibu High School… on weekends during the school year.

And on weekdays during the summer.

The city has been pressuring the school district to once again allow the city to stash impounded cars at the high school parking lots … on days when the school is not in session.

Malibu public safety director Susan Duenas told the public safety commission last night … the school district facilities director has changed his mind.


“Carey Upton indicated that he is willing to make it work for us.

“And when I say make it work … in the past it has always been a problem with having access to the school from Labor Day to Memorial Day (non-summer months). They really didn’t want us there when school is in session. 

“But he has since said that now he is willing to work something out so that we can use probably the upper parking lot.”

And that parking lot would be available year round … on days when school is not in session. 

The school district policy change solves a huge problem for the city… which last summer parked several hundreds impounded cars on a city owned vacant lot next to the post office on Point Dume. 

That caused a huge row among some Point Dume residents.


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Residents Facing Flood Of City Traffic Advisories, Many Of Them Wrong, So City May Reduce Advisory Efforts

Malibu residents may be getting overloaded with inaccurate traffic advisories … or delayed traffic advisories … or too many traffic advisories … from the City of Malibu.

Several years ago … the city began sending out crash advisories as they came in from the Calabasas sheriff’s office.

As any veteran cop reporter can tell you … sheriff’s deputies are not traffic reporters … and the information that they send out sometimes has problems.

Streets that don’t cross.

Vague location descriptions. 

City public safety director Susan Duenas told the Public Safety Commission last night …that the alerts that they get from the Malibu Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station re not always accurate.


“Now … if that information is incorrect… We don’t double check the information. 

“We just post the information is provided to us. 

“And there have been times when the information has been incorrect that we got for the sheriffs department and then we had to correct it.”

The problem facing the city is three fold … a lot of times the sheriff has the traffic report wrong … all those traffic reports eat up a lot of time … especially on weekends and at night … and residents may be getting so many minor city traffic announcements …. the major ones don’t make an impact.


What Do You Call A 6.0 Quake 600 Miles Off Malibu?   Barely News

A 6.0 magnitude earthquake was recorded almost 800 miles off the Southern California coast Tuesday night.

Seismologits call this an “oddball” event.

Magnitude 6.o is big … but its a location that is just not common,” said Susan Hough, a seismologist with the U.S. Geological Survey in Pasadena. “I’ve been watching earthquakes for going on 40 years, and I don’t remember anything that big in that location.” 

The temblor occurred roughly due west of San Diego … 600 miles southwest of Malibu.

No waves.

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Rain On Horizon For Early Next Week, As Hot Gusty Santa Anas Today Will Not Trigger Red Flag Warnings

The National Weather Service says strong Santa Ana type winds will develop in Malibu this midday … but the winds will probably peak below the level of Red Flag Warnings.

Winds coming out of the mountains will hit 

But today will see a brief elevated fire danger period … due to strong mountain winds.

Up in  the mountains … the accumulated brush and other fuel is drier this year than last.

56 percent fuel moisture level.

And here is the big weather maker.

An Alaska low pressure system is coiled up in the Bering Sea … ready to move down into California Monday through Wednesday. It’s going to tap a plume of moisture stretching from the central Pacific Ocean into British Columbia.

That will be a big rainmaker… and snow maker… For California.

The super computer.estimates for this storm suggest between a half inch and one and a half inches of rain for Malibu.

Three inches of rain … possible in the mountains … in the form of snow. 

A small amount of snow fell yesterday in the local mountains.

Mammoth Mountain expects to operate 2 or 3 lifts on the upper mountain this Saturday.

This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Monday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting. 


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