21 Miles of Scenic Beauty And An Impound Yard – County Uses Pulloff Over Broad Beach To Store Towed Cars

Written by on June 4, 2021

A solution may have been found to the problem … of where the city and county can tow away cars that are blocking fire lanes … or driveways … or traffic lanes.

Over Memorial Day weekend … a tow yard was set up on the bluffs along PCH west of Trancas Canyon … overlooking Broad Beach.

Ropes were used to .. well … rope off an impound yard in the dirt parking lots.

The city has been casting around for a tow yard for years.

Right now … if a parked car blocks a driveway … or endangers public safety … there is no practical place to tow it.

The old solution … an impound yard at Malibu High … has fallen thru.

Parking the impounded cars at the Equestrian Park … or in the cloverleaf loop next to Zuma Creek predictable uproars.

Sierra Towing created an impormptu corral at the scenic overlooks by the “21 Miles of Scenic Beauty” sign.

No Coastal Development Permit for that … we’ll see how the Coastal Commission reacts.

Meanwhile … the city has also set up venders along the strip of land … which is owned by the city

Public Works Director Chris DeBoux says a strawberry stand … the guy selling crystals … and one food truck have been given permits.


They all have permits to operate out there.

We have limited the number of people to go into that spot .. because anyhting more than three gets really crowded … so we have limited it to three.”

Cities are not allowed to ban sidewalk vendors in California.

State law.

The questions now … what if another food truck wants to set up there??

What if the guy selling hats on Kanan Dume Road wants more traffic for his business?

The city says no more than three. 

Any bets what the Coastal Commission will say about taking over a scenic viewpoint of the ocean to store impounded cars? 

Without permits?

We’re not calling them … we’ll just wait on that one. 

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