2 Crashes In SM Mountains Cause Fire, Major Road Closure – Estimated Homeless Numbers: 85 in Malibu In April, May Be Up By 15 Since Then, 6 Helped Into Housing – Internet Invitations Out For Hologram Party Tonight On PCH –

Written by on May 18, 2022

=. Two crashes last night … one caused a fire … another closed a major canyon road.

=. A big party tonight …. on PCH in downtown Malibu … the whole world is invited … the city is on it.

=. The number of homeless people in Malibu has gone from about 85 to around 100.

=. Edison is sued by one of the 200 homeowners who lost everything in last week’s fire. 

=. And Malibu’s next door neighbor on the California Coast may change its name.  No, not Santa Monica.


This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Wednesday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting. 

2 Crashes In SM Mountains Cause Fire, Major Road Closure

A nasty head-on crash sparked a brushfire last night on Saddle Peak.

This was at about 9:20 last night … on Saddle Peak Road.

Both vehicles caught fire after the crash … and some brush burned as well.

One man was seriously injured … helicoptered out.

A pregnant woman had minor injuries. 

A hillside caught fire … but county crews put it out. 

And earlier yesterday … Kanan Dume Rd. was closed due to a powerline and pole knocked over near Troutdale.

The key route between Malibu and Agoura Hills was blocked starting at 4:06 yesterday… LA County says a car hit a pole and then went over the side of the road.

Southern California Edison notified the Highway Patrol that they would need Kanan Dume closed all night … while crews installed a new pole and restrung lines.

Second time this happened in a week.

More than half of the power lines along Kanan Dume road supply power to the street lights along the road.

The power polls were installed on Kanan Dume Road after a series of nighttime crashes more than 20 years ago.

And when there is a crash … the lines fall and they block the road.

When there is a fire … they block the road … sometimes for days. 

Power lines down on Kanan Dume Road delayed fire trucks rushing to Malibu during the Woolsey Fire. 

Most of those downed poles served streetlights … and no other customers. 

Who is in charge?

L-A County has a commission in charge of that.


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Internet Invitations Out For Hologram Party Tonight On PCH

A big party is planned for tonight … a pop up … in a parking lot at on PCH at Billionaire’s Beach.

And you’re invited.

Promoters announce on the Interwebs that they plan what they call a Swiss-X Pop Up Club hosted by Greek Billionaire Alki David. 

Hologram appearances by DJ stars from Miami.

The sponsor is some company that calls itself “the Amazon of wellness with a sharper image.” 

They sent out an Internet announcement that “the much anticipated secret location of the pop up has now been revealed and it will at be the Liquor Store and Cake Dispensary Car Park, Pacific Coast Malibu, 7pm onwards Pacific Time on Wednesday, 18th May.

“The Pop-Up will see a secret Hologram Concert from the Icons of American Music, such as Scott Scorch live from Miami, Chief Keef and Stanley Enow. “

This is as exclusive as it gets.

The party is sponsored by a combination marijuana delivery and Internet video delivery website. 

Well, if its exclusive … they are inviting the general public to the party tonight. 

The city says they are on it.


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Estimated Homeless Numbers: 85 in Malibu In April, May Be Up By 15 Since Then, 6 Helped Into Housing

Malibu’s homeless population may have just increased a bit.

The latest official count is still being tabulated and won’t be released until later this summer.,

But the city’s Homelessness Task Force yesterday was told the number of homeless people on Malibu was about 85 in April … and may have increased a bit since then.

The city has hired a Santa Monica based group called The People Concern to work with homeless people … trying to get them off the street and into either temporary or permanent shelter. 

They report 137 contacts with homeless people in Malibu in the month of Aroil.

Some of those are repeat contacts …
Last April … six people were moved off the streets of Malibu and into temporary or long term housing. 

Six out of 85 … 

But another 15 or so lost souls arrived in Malibu during the same month.

The city is considering funding beds for homeless people … but there is no such facility in Malibu.

Officials in other cities have taken shots at Malibu … for exporting its problem to their city.


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City Council To Weigh Budget Issues Monday Night

Malibu’s budget goes before the city council again next Monday.

Bottom line … the city is doing very well.

The reserve fund … money in the checking account … is 44 million dollars.

That’s almost an entire year’s expenditures. 

Tax revenues are a little above expectations … but the city financial people always keep expectations very low … ver conservative.

For example … revenue from hotel and short term rental  taxes is outperforming the predicted 5 million dollars.

But the cities new B & B ordinance will take effect soon … assuming Coastal Commissioners approve it. 

It will require hosts to be on the premises…and that  is expected to cause some property owners to drop out of the overnight rental business.

Look for a two million dollar drop there. 

The majority of the City’s annual sales tax revenue is derived from restaurants, gas stations and grocery stores. 

Sales tax revenue has bounced back to pre-pandemic levels.

But inflation … and the constant turnover of staff at City Hall … means the city is going to have today its workers more … city council members have agreed. 

The percentage change of the CPI in February 2022 was 7.4%. 

Matching that with cost of living pay hikes will cost the city $800,000.

Plus … the city manager proposes giving all full-time employees a one time bonus. 

That will cost $155,000.

The Planning Department proposes hiring three full-time equivalent people.

It will cost another $500,000 to hire consultants to implement the city’s new Dark Sky ordinance … to pay for review, inspection, and outreach services. 

But the costs of these services will be offset by revenue generated from plan check fees. 

Another cost hike …a big one … will be for the sheriff’s department.

Actually … two costs there. 

To maintain the present level of service … it will mean 130 thousand dollars … says the sheriff.

But the new sheriff’;s substation in Malibu … will cost 4 million dollars to staff.

Some of that may be the responsibility of the county … as the unincorporated part of Malibu will benefit from that.

But Malibu taxpayers will shoulder most of that cost.


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Gas Tops $6 Average In LA

California’s average gas price topped $6 a gallon for the first time ever Tuesday, just two months after drivers were stunned to see $5 prices at the pump for the first time. And there is no sign of a decline anytime soon.

In the Los Angeles market … the average price is 6 dollars 2 cents per gallon.

Malibu’s gas stations of course are a bit higher than that.

The state average jumped 30 cents in the last month — and a staggering $1.36 since the start of the year — as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine combined with surging inflation and increased fuel demand to spike gasoline prices.

On Tuesday, all 50 U.S. states crossed the $4-per-gallon mark for the first time.


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SCE Sued For Allegedly Causing Laguna Beach Fire That Destroyed 20 Houses

Southern California Edison was sued yesterday … an Orange County law firm says the utility is responsible for 20 houses that burned down one week ago.

Southern California Edison is accused of failing to inspect … maintain and repair its overhead wires. 

The lawsuit claims Edison failed to trim vegetation back from its wires as required by law and industry standards.

The Coastal Fire was declared 100 percent contained six days after it broke out.

The fire spread in three hours during an afternoon with typical coastal breezes in the canyons above Laguna Beach.

Contrary to what some Malibu officials have said at meetings … Laguna Beach does -not- have herds of goats.

In fact … only one small neighborhood in Laguna Beach has a major brush removal efforts on any widespread basis.

The fire last Wednesday took out a subdivision that is very similar to subdivisions… In very similar mountains to what we have here in the Malibu area.

Newsflash: 100% Of Malibu Is In High Fire Risk Area – Thank You Capt Obvious

You might be amused by some national news media reports this week … that one sixth of the United States is in high fire risk areas.

Take that data for what it is worth … which is to say … not much.

Yes… it put 100 percent of Malibu in the high fire risk category. 


LA County’s fire department has been saying that for years … most homes sold in Malibu are sold with that disclosed in the escrow report. 

Some experts said the new wildfire risk assessment maps should be read with caution and plenty of context.

And there are certainly questions about how valid this nationwide study is,.

For example a classifies Santa Rosa as long low risk.

Hundreds of houses in Santa Rosa were burned and a fast-moving brushfire five years ago.

A classifies most of the Santa Cruz area as low rtisk.

Santa Rosa, which has been devastated by wildfires in recent years, was listed as low risk,

A fire burned more than 86,000 acres two years ago, destroying 1,400 buildings.

What is noteworthy is that Malibu-level fire danger is now predicted for other places.

In Texas, at least 90% of properties in 45 counties are at some risk.

Florida … West Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania are now added to the riskiest categories … all of them due to climate change.

But for those of you reading the national news stories being presented as local news … flash … all of Malibu is in the high fire risk zone.

Like we said … duh.


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May We Suggest Upper Malibu? Malibu West Is Already Taken

Malibu’s next door neighbor on the California Coast may change its name. 

Port Hueneme will take a vote this fall on changing their city’s name to Hueneme Beach in the fall.

No…. changing it to something that is easier to spell is not on the ballot. 

Civic boosters say Port Hueneme is having difficulty attracting new industry … they would rather have a more tony name. 

City staff suggested rebranding the city to attract tourism and new businesses, particularly those in the technology industry.

Hueneme is a poor attempt in Spanish of spelling two Chumash words … Wene Me, meaning “Resting Place”.

The name change for Port Hueneme to Hueneme Beach is on the November election ballot up there.

At least they’re not calling it Upper Malibu.

Mammoth Will Be Skiing Into June

Mammoth Mountain ski report abandoned for the season here in Malibu … but the ski season has just been extended. A couple of late season storms have done to snow in the central Sierra… And mammoth now says they will be open through at least June 5th.

Summer skiing conditions though… Daytime highs on the slopes may hit 70° in the next few weekends.


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