KBUU News Tues March 7: At Least 1 Dead On PCH At Mugu – El Niño Returns With A Pineapple Express – The Question Is, Where? – Planning Commissions Cannot Even Agree If A Project Is A ‘Project’ – Only In Malibu: A Tattoo Parlor Is Illegal, But That Tattoo ‘Studio’ Is Just Dandy

Written by on March 7, 2023

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Fatal Crash On PCH At Mugu Last Night

A fatal crash last night on PCH near Point Mugu … 15 miles west of Zuma Beach.

A white BMW and a black GMC …., either a truck or an SUV … collided on a three lane stretch of road at about 12:20 this morning.

The crash was near the rifle range … at the Point Mugu Navy base. 

There are no details as to how many deaths were involved … at least one.

Details are still not available at this hour.

The road reopened at 6:45. 


Malibu May Be Entering El Niño As Pineapple Express May Arrive Friday

La Niña is disappearing fast.

And the odds of an El Niño system forming later this year are getting stronger, according to recent meteorological reports.

In fact … El Niño may already be here. 

El Niño is linked to an enhanced probability of above-normal rainfall.

Landslides, floods and coastal erosion typically accompany El Ninos.

1983. 1997. 2015. Longtime Malibu residents know too well how El Niño years affect the malibu.

PCH cut off for weeks. Canyon roads sliding away. And houses crumpling into the ocean.

55 percent chance of an El Nine this fall …. according to the latest  outlook from the World Meteorological Organization.

And what is worse … heat.

La Niña’s cooling effect put a temporary brake on rising global temperatures ..,. even though the past eight-year period was the warmest on record” … says one expert.

“If we do now enter an El Niño phase, this is likely to fuel another spike in global temperatures.”

And for Malibu ….

Remember last week … when we reported that the possibility of an atmospheric river rain storm hitting California were about 10 percent???  Make that …70 percent and growing. 

An atmospheric river is likely to dump warm rain on top of all that snow in the local mountains.

UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain … yesterday … says the computer models are showing rain on top of the snow … possibly melting a lot of it and causing floods north and east of Malibu.

So …


“Will it result in a more of a weak-to-moderate type atmospheric river storm … even it is really warm???

“Or will it result in a stronger atmospheric-river,  pineapple-express type storm which will cause greater problems?

“We don’t know yet but it does look like there will be  a warm atmospheric river of some magnitude later this week.

“It could still be weak to moderate … but it could also be strong.

“And the most likely outcome is moderate strength warm atmospheric river later this week, of moderate duration.”

Flood warnings are going up for the snowy mountains of Southern and Central California.

The incoming low-pressure system is originating in the north but is expected to link with “very warm” subtropical moisture coming from Hawaii … a classic Pineapple Express and are known to drop heavy moisture in California.

“We’re essentially transitioning from one storm track to another, where the moisture origins are coming from a warmer, juicier location,” Rowe said.

But back in the mountains ….

Thursday night the snow level will be way high … 10 thousand feet above sea level.

Warm rain at Big Bear…. rapid snow melt in areas that have received several feet of snow in the past few weeks.

At UCLA …. Swain says this storm will not melt all that snow at Big Bear.


“The big problem I think may actually end uop being at higher elevations .

we are already seeing problems with structural collapses and roof cave-ins from the heavy snow these elevations.

“If you add a bunch of water to that snow pack it doesn’t necessarily get deeper but it sure gets heavier as the snow absorbs more water.”

Bottom line for Malibu.

Up to one inch of rain Thursday night … into Friday morning. 

And both of the major computer models are showing another large storm system sitting malibu on Tuesday/Wednesday.

And one last note … mountain highways are not open to the Big Bear ski resorts today up 18 … 38 or 330.

Only residents are being allowed up those roads.

Mountain High is open … with chain requirements …. check with Caltrans on the latest road closures.


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Granny Flats Will Be the Biggest Zoning Change In Malibu History, Mazza Warns, As Discussion Put Off

The contentious issue of granny flats … ADUs … will have to wait for another day.

The Malibu Planning Commission went late into the night last night … dealign with tattoos and a house on Dume Drive. 

No time for granny flats … the planning commission didn’t;t get around to that until 10:30.

Commissioner Jo0hn Mazza. 

NEWSCART A73976 1030 AT NIGHT. – SHORT!!!!

“This is the biggest zoning change in Malibu in the history of Malibu … and we would be very much remiss to bang this out at 10:30 at night.”

ADUs will be put off until. A special meeting … with nothing else on the agenda …. Next Tuesday night at 6:30.


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Plus a rotating selection of scratch made soups.

Two new beers: a crisp, classic-style pale ale, and a new school-style West Coast Pilsner.

Malibu Brewing Company Malibu California.


Malibu Will Get A High End Tattoo Studio, Not A Tattoo Parlor For The Masses

As to tattoos … a high end tattoo studio … proposed for an office building across PCH from Cher’s House … won a zoning battle last night.

Just don’t call it a tattoo parlor … make it a tattoo studio.

This tattoo studio would have hosted just one artist … who would accept one client a day.

OK … but what if another tattoo parlor wanted to open up a shop with 10 chairs and 509 clients a day???


“Once this Planning Commission says a tattoo parlor use is similar to that of a veterinary clinic, if a subsequent tattoo parlor were to show up, it would be very difficult – and once again I am speaking in hypotheticals here – to say … no no no … you are not permitted … are not like that.”

But the planning commissioners noted that this is not exactly a tattoo parlor… The proposal for Pacific Coast Highway is for an artist studio… Where one single artist would have one client per day.

It would not be a general tattoo parlor …open to the public on a walk in basis. 

So … the city zoning code has been interpreted to allow a tattoo studio.

But not a tattoo parlor.

That clarification passed … on a 5 to nothing vote. 


Planning Commission Deadlocks 2-2 On Point Dume House, Squabbles Over Even If It is A Project

EDITOR’S NOTE:  The headline and story were corrected at 6:49pm Saturday to properly locate the house on Zumirez Drive, not Dume Drive.

The Malibu Planning Commission deadlocked 2 to 2 last night on a proposed house … on Zumirez Drive in the Point Dume neighborhood.

Neighbors had objected that the proposed house would be too close to the canyon west of Dume Drive … blocking their ocean views.

Planning commissioners John Mazza and Kraig Hill were adamant against it.  Planning commissioners Jeff Jennings and Dennis Smith were in favor of it.

And the swing vote … Skylar Peak … removed himself from the hearing due to a conflict of interest.

So now what???  Likely … an appeal to the city council.  But even that was controversial.

That is because the building applicant had offered to make some changes to the proposed house.

And to Mazza and Hill … that meant that the changes to the project mean the project was no longer a project… and only a project can be appealed to the city council;

That lead to Mazza and Jennings .. again disagreeing …  


MAZZA: “Considering what if I do this or what if I do that… is not public record.  We didn’t get any drawing on this.

JENNINGS:  OK John, it’s really the council that’s going to decide whether you’re right or wrong.

MAZZA: “No I think it will be whether our attorneys will decide that. They have to follow the procedures in the Coastal Act … that say you can only appeal a ‘project’ to the City Council.”

In other words, Mazza and Hill argued that the lack of a decision on the project by the appointed Planning Commission cannot be appealed to the elected city council;

The project … or maybe the question of whether the project is a project … is an issue now for the city council to determine.



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