12 Million Tax Dollars To Family of Bicyclist Killed By Texting Deputy

Written by on May 31, 2018

Los Angeles County taxpayers will pay 12 million dollars to the family of a bicyclist who was killed by a Malibu-Lost Hills sheriff’s deputy … who ran over and killed the man while typing while driving.

The deputy was typing on his squad car’s dashboard computer …  that’s not in contention.

But the family of the bicyclist said the deputy was also texting with his wife.

A news conference was held in L-A yesterday by attorneys for the family of Milton Olin Jr.

Taxpayers will pay 12 million dollars to his survivors … they annoned yesteday. The family claims that new evidence shows the on-duty deputy was driving on a straight, unobstructed section of the road for 21 seconds before driving into Milton Olin at about 48 miles per hour.

The crash was on Mulholland Highway in Calabasas.

The deputy is Andrew Francis Wood … at the time … a 16-year veteran at the local sheriff’s office at Malibu Lost Hills.

Lawyers say he had plenty of time to see the cyclist but instead sent a personal text message to his wife and typed into his patrol car computer about 15 seconds before the crash, the lawyers claimed.

Wood had admitted to texting his wife but said it was while he was stopped at a red light, according to a memo by the district attorney’s office.

But the lawyers say they have new evidence that the texts were sent in the seconds just before the crash.

The legal team is asking the Los Angeles County District Attorney to reexamine its decision not to file manslaughter charges against the deputy.

Olin was a lawyer .. he formerly worked at Napster.

His widow said yesterday that the sheriff’s deputy … quote …”may as well have been blindfolded” … according to the LA Times.

The crash happened inside a bike lane … the sheriff’s office says appropriate administrative action was taken against Deputy Wood, then a 16-year department veteran

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