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A mountain lion crosses BACK into Malibu … across the 1-0-1 Freeway. Malibu looking at charging an impact fee for new home construction. And a Malibu local is the fifth richest man in the world. This is Malibu’s only local daily news. It’s the   ((((  Wednesday  ))) edition of the news … from Radio […]

One lane only … PCH into Santa Monica … today. Scary details about that interrupted burglary at Trancas emerge. And police in Santa Monica now say it was a bicyclist … killed in the dark .. on PCH two nights ago, And a power plant upwind of malibu gets shot down. This is Malibu’s only […]

A gigantic traffic jam … Edison trucks in the road … on P C H this morning. And that comes after both a car fire in the tunnel .. and a separate fatal crash near the Incline. Another burglar … another chopper overflight … another arrest in the Trancas area. The cell phone companies power […]

Another Santa Ana is brewing here in Malibu … as the death toll hits 31 in northern California. Trial is set for Monday … over the death of a Malibu motorcyclist. Malibu High’s swimming pool needs a special truck to better clean the water. And an important decision … or non-decision … on beach access […]

It seems that if Malibu’s for it … Coastal is against it … The commission moves against the city over parking on PCH. The Coastal Commission was unrestricted 24 hour access along the beach. Santa Monica … meanwhile … is about to remove beach access 230 parking spaces downtown. L A County issues its first […]

Google Earth/San Diego Union-Tribune photo of semi-buried dry casks, less than 100 feet from Pacific Ocean, a few miles from the offshore earthquake fault that stretches from Culver City to Tijuana. KBUU News has received the following letter from Southern California Edison spokeswoman Maureen Brown, in which she claims KBUU made “numerous errors” we broadcast […]

TO HEAR KBU VIA YOUR PHONE: So simple! Open your browser (Safari or Chrome) and type in THAT’S IT!  Radio Malibu on your litTle bitty speaker. TO HEAR KBU IN YOUR CAR: With the station streaming in Safari or Chrome (see above) – pair your phone with your car. Select Bluetooth (recommended, the USB […]

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