Brooke Halpin

Come Together with The Beatles & Brooke Halpin Host Brooke Halpin shares his extensive knowledge of The Beatles and their music, along with noted guests who have written books about The Beatles or have worked with them. Guests have included RINGO STARR, JULIA LENNON, SPENCER DAVIS, and IVOR DAVIS. The show also features the Beatles Cover Song of the Day. Saturdays and Sundays, 12 noon to 1 pacific.

Brooke Halpin, a Connecticut native, is an accomplished broadcaster, pianist, composer, painter, and published author. He wrote The Everything Playing Piano and Keyboards Book, and The Only Basic Piano Instruction Book You’ll Ever Need, published by Adams Media and Playing the Piano and Keyboards, published by David & Charles, PLC, (UK), a Beatles quiz book, Do You Really Know The Beatles?, a novel based on a true story, A Magical Mystery Time, and his new book, Experiencing the Beatles – A Listener’s Companion, published by Rowman and Littlefield.

As a composer, Brooke composed the music to the Academy Award winning film Molly’s Pilgrim, the PBS special More Than Broken Glass – Memories of Kristallnacht, and Rudolph Nureyev’s ballet Christopher Columbus for the Hungarian National Ballet Company. His award-winning compositions have been performed throughout the United States and Europe.

His broadcast experience includes hosting and producing Music – Behind the Notes for MCTV in New York City. His guests included Branford Marsalis, Suzanne Vega, and Richie Havens. Currently, he is the radio host of “Come Together with The Beatles,” on KBU, 99.1 in Malibu and online at

Brooke is also a television producer. He produced VIDEO COFFEE HOUSE with Richie Havens, OUT OF THE BOX with Jack Nadel for ABC and FOX TV, The POWER OF WOMEN IN BUSINESS with Jane Applegate for PBS, and WHOSE BODY IS IT ANYWAY with Joan Kenley for FOX TV.

Painting for more than 30 years, Brooke has broken new artistic ground. He has combined his original talents in painting and music and has created “Harmonic Visions”. This new series of paintings communicate through two pathways – the eyes and the ears. At gallery exhibitions, Brooke transforms the paintings into sound by playing the music in each painting on the piano. His paintings have been exhibited in many galleries in the US, and have been displayed at The International Surf Museum.

A recipient of a MacDowell Colony Fellowship, Brooke is a graduate of California Institute of the Arts and The Hartford Conservatory of Music.



“I heard the first half hour of your show and then I had to run out. You sounded great!” – Deborah, NYC

“FABtastic Show!!” – Lovely Rita, Beatles Magazine

“Bravo on the radio show!! I was able to listen to the first half hour and enjoyed it a lot!” – Nelson, LA

“Sounding great here in CT!! Excellent show Brooke.. High energy..!!” – Steve, CT

“A a smashing job!” – Skip, LA

“Awesome! Congrats!” – Ericka, NY

“Very cool show!” – Steven, MA

“Listened to your radio show. It was great! Your voice sounded fantastic and the mix of Beatle songs extremely, very enjoyable. How nice to have an hour of all Beatle songs! Looking forward to the next show!” – Janet, LA

“Great radio event. Had friends from Connecticut for lunch and we literally were dancing around the condo with your great music in the Marina!” – Charlene, Marina del Rey

“Excellent show, Brooke!” – Roger, CT

“This is very, very cool! This new radio station is looking to build an audience; you offer a tremendous program for them” – Bev, Malibu

“EXCELLENT show!!! – Robin, Orange County

“Love the show!” – Doe, Malibu

“Well done!’ – Bob, Buena Park

“Congrats Brooke! Love your new Beatles radio show. Great hearing all those songs that bring back so many memories AND even some obscure songs I never new existed. Your Beatles anecdotes and trivia make it soooo much fun. Luckily nobody heard my husband and me singing along like crazy!” – Debbie, Santa Clarita

“Enjoyed your hip broadcast this morning. The eclectic selection of songs was cool. Each and every song brought back specific times, places, and memories, as Beatle songs will invariably do. Thanx!” – Ed, Malibu

“Digging the sounds here in Serra Retreat. Great show Brooke!” – John, Malibu

“Fantastic show, I’m happy for my first time here. Thank you so much Brooke!” – Jean-Philippe, France

“Hey COOL CAT! You’re so FAB! Rock on! Sounds GREAT! LOVE it!” – Maria, Anaheim

“Come Together with The Beatles & Brooke Halpin. Wow! Great show. After listening to shows covering the Beatles over the years it was indeed refreshing to hear something new.” – Shaun, Hermosa Beach

“I knew it would be good, but not this good. Showcasing the Beatles is huge. I am not alone in considering the Beatles the best band in human history.” – Matthew, Malibu

“Enjoyed your show on Sunday. Great interview with Angie McCartney. Thanks for playing my request.” – Lenny, Orlando

“The interview with Angie was excellent. Thanks for playing my song and for the shout out! You’re doing a great job!” – Jim, CT

“Hi Brooke. Your show coming over loud and clear here on England’s south coast. Great to hear the beautiful songs of John, Paul, George and Ringo winging their way across the Atlantic. Hands across the water!” – Tony, England

“GREAT radio shows this weekend, Brooke. Enjoyed your guest interview; so well done!” – Clare, Manhattan Beach

“Brooke Halpin, you just made it a great Sunday afternoon.” – Bharat Patel, Georgia

“Again…….fun, awesome music -Brooke is the BEST!” – Darlene, Santa Monica

“ABSOLUTELY GREAT.” – Cathy, Valencia

“Great show! Thanks, Brooke.” Rebecca, Albuquerque, NM

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