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Villanueva Talks Nice Nice With Supes, They Table Talk Of Neutering Sheriff’s Powers

Conciliatory words yesterday at the LA County Board of Supervisors meeting … as Sheriff Alex Villanueva headed off an effort to significantly clip his wings. For the time being. The supervisors voted to table and study a proposal by Malibu Area supervisor Sheila Kuehl … to dramatically decrease the power of the elected Sheriff. She […]


Deputies to 12-Hour Shifts, SM Stores Being Boarded Up, Before Election – No Problems Anticipated in Malibu

Stores are being boarded up … in case of election-related violence … in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. In Malibu … sheriff’s Captain Chuck Becerra says … and we quote … “We do not anticipate any protests or problems in our area on Election Day.” But Becerra says … out of an abundance of caution… […]


LA County Supes May Take Malibu Out Of Sheriff’s Realm, Set Up County Police, As Battle With Villanueva Heats Up

L A County supervisors are considering taking Malibu out of the sheriff’s department. Not just Malibu … all of the 40 or so small cities in L A County that hire the L A county sheriff’s office to be their municipal police forces. Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas says major California cities get to hire their […]


From F-M 99.1 … KBUU News … the Friday Headlines

From F-M 99.1 … KBUU News … the Friday Headlines = Voting by district in Malibu is not dead … the state Supreme Court wants the case. = It’s election time. Two polling places open tomorrow in Malibu. = Teachers may lose their veto power over school reopenings in Los Angeles. = Santa Monica’s police […]


After $21 Million And 6 Years, Broad Beach Sand Replacement Project Still Rocky

After six years and 21 million dollars spent on engineering and legal fees … the Broad Beach sand replenishment project is still at least two years away from placing one grain of sand. And if the legal meeting yesterday is any indication … the 30 million project may be bogged down in a morass of […]

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