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KBUU Newswire – Day 107 – Fri Feb 22 – Hail Yes It Snowed – Edison Will Cut Trees In Malibu – County Fire Promises Local Answers – Ahoy PCH

This is KBUU News – the headlines: =    Snow at Boney Mountain … falling ice everywhere else. =   Thousands of trees in Malibu going to get pruned or removed … fire dangers. =   The city has an old emergency operations plan … and a new one that may be just as bad. […]


Council To Decide If New Bad Plan Should Replace Old Bad Plan

Malibu’s Emergency Operations Plan … its blueprint to use in disasters  … is itself a disaster. The old plan was written years ago and is not in compliance with state laws … or for that matter reality. City staff had just finished a new emergency operations plan … several hundred pages thick … and submitted […]


LA Fire Promises Decisions At City Hall To Fire Rebuild Hopes

L A County Fire is going to start staffing a desk at Malibu City Hall … two days a week … with a person who is authorized to make decisions on rebuilding fire damaged houses. The fire chief … Daryl Osby … committed to stationing a decision-maker at city hall after residents told him of […]


Without Local Notice, Massive Prunings To Hit Malibu Trees

Southern California Edison is hiring crews to remove tree limbs near its power lines … in Malibu. The company has hired crews to begin implementing fire risk reduction plans ordered by the California Public Utilities Commission. The new rules require tree limbs to be removed if they are within 12 feet of an overhead power […]


‘Hail Yes, That Was Snow’ As Semifrozen Pellets of Ice Pelt The Bu

Call it hail. Call it sleet. Call it grapple. The LA Times even called it “powder.” Most people called it snow … but that really stretches the definition of the word …. snow. Icy wet material fell over nearly all of Malibu yesterday. It was 49 degrees in the Malibu at 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon […]

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