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KBUU Newswire Fri Dec 1 – Luxury Home Builder Promises Lawsuit Over Bluffs Skate Park That He Funded – For 3rd Time, Mazza Loses Ceremonial Vote at Planning – Joan and Burt Ross Launch $250,000 Matching Grant to House House-less – 54% Of County Residents Want New Covid Shots, 17% Have Done It

Luxury Home Builder Promises Lawsuit Over Bluffs Skate Park That He Funded Construction of a permanent skateboard park at Bluffs Park won a procedural step at the Malibu Planning Commission … but it looks like the whole thing will be delayed by a lawsuit.  Scott Gillen … the developer who is building five luxury homes […]


City Council Grumbling About Cost To Bring CHP to PCH, One Proposes Self-Driving Blockades

Malibu’s will do anything to get more cops onto Pacific Coast Highway … except maybe pay for it. Last night … the city council unanimously said they supported spending 50 thousand dollar.. a check written to pay for four CHP officers per day on PCH … starting January First. But that is just a temporary […]


Farmers Market Won’t Leave Legacy Park, Fined A Reported $6,540 By City After 8 Weeks of Violations

The Malibu Farmers Market has been fined a reported $6,540 by the City of Malibu, for operating in the wrong place for the past eight weeks.  And the LA County Board of Health has ordered it to cease operations at Legacy Park, and without an agreement to move back to the LA County parking lot, […]


KBUU Newswire Monday: Eureka’s State Highway To Be Slowed Down, But Not Malibu’s – ‘Two Week’ Probe Into Conflict Of Interest Charges Drags On Into Month 3 – Council To Decide What To Build Next – Malibu is Not Good Enough For Prince Harry

Caltrans Okays 101 Lane Diet Up North, But Not On PCH In Malibu People in Malibu have been told by Caltrans that the place where four Pepperdine University students were killed could not have a place for pedestrians to walk … because there traffic lanes cannot be narrowed. But in a similar northern California city […]


KBUU Newswire Friday Nov 17 – City Hires 4 CHP Cars Per Day On PCH – Santa Anas Will Arrive Sun Night – MRCA Plans $650,000 Murphy Way Takeover And Widening

City Signs Contract To Hire 4 CHP Units Per Day On PCH The California Highway Patrol will be stationing three patrol officer shifts, plus a sergeant, per day in Malibu soon. City Manager Steve McClary signed a contract this week to bring the CHP officers to PCH, a $50,000 contract. Under the state of emergency […]

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