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KBUU Newswire Day 134 Thurs Mar 21 – The Point Dume ‘MOES Narwhals’ Name Yanked Off School Board Agenda – 25% Chance Of Pumas Perishing – Lookout! Superbloom May Draw Supercrowds To Malibu

This is KBUU News – Day 134 – the Thursday headlines: =   The proposed new name for Point Dume’s school is yanked … and 86 the narwahl. =   The local mountain lion population stands a 1 in 4 chance of complete extinction. =   A super bloom may be coming to Malibu … […]


Cabrillo-Point Dume Elementary School Merger Simpler Than Picking New Name

School Superintendent Ben Drati observes a “lack of consensus” in the selection “Marine Ocean Elementary School” as the new name for the old school on Point Dume. He is yanking the item off of tonight’s school board agenda. Also … he is withdrawing “narwhals” and blue and green as the proposed school mascot and colors. […]


Dismal Prediction For Malibu Cougars As Riverside Contemplates Puma Public Transit

Fifty years. That’s how long it could take for two populations of mountain lions in Southern California to go extinct under current conditions. New research published by U-C Davis yesterday paints a bleak picture for the local cougars. Right now .. odds are 1 in 4 that they will be extinct within 50 years. Freeways […]


Lack Of Citizen Review Of Signal May Dog Civic Center Way Widening Plan

Unhappiness with the City of Malibu’s first new traffic light in nearly ten years continues to simmer. At this week’s Planning Commission meeting … chairman Steve Urhring again criticized city staff for having designed the new traffic signal at Webb Way and Civic Center Way without any citizen input. Citicism on the cluster of 8 […]


Superbloom Could Attract Supercrowds Of Poppy People To Malibu

Hundreds of thousands of people have been trompling the poppies and other flowers down at Lake Elsinore and in desert regions. Literally hundreds of thousands people. So many so that the Lake Elsinore Police Department declared an emergency and brought them please from outside agencies to direct traffic and settle fights over parking places. Now […]

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