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This is KBUU News – Day 278 – the Wednesday Headlines

= First brushfire of the year on this side of Mulholland … it’s out. = It’s Get Your Stuff Day at a brand new school = It’s clean .. it’s green … it’s just painted. A whole new look at Malibu High. = Hughes Research Labs need to build a big wall overlooking the Civic […]


KBUU Newswire – Day 277 – Tues Aug 13 – Computer Problem May Have Idled Fire Trucks – City Council Hears Not Much Public Ire On Fire – Council Just Fine With SCE Truck Yard

=     A malfunctioning computer may be the reason hundreds of Malibu homes burned. =     A county report says maps could not be loaded form one computer to another … causing fire trucks to sit idle. =    This one was hard to believe … but last night Malibu residents have almost nothing […]


City Council Not Unhappy With ‘Temporary’ SCE Yard

Most of Malibu’s city council says they have no problem with Southern California Edison’s conversion of a field in the center of the city into an industrial storage yard. The supposedly tempoorarty parking lot for trucks and power equipment was installed last winter … and was supposed to have been removed by more than a […]


Furor Over City Fire Response Whimpers Away

Maybe because it’s the middle of summer … or maybe it’s because Malibu residents have had enough rehashing of the Woolsey fire. But only six people showed up to testify last night … as the Malibu city council reviewed the city’s performance during the disaster nine months ago. And none of those six had major […]


Report Hints That Computer Error May Have Caused Firetruck Snafu

Malibu residents who were infuriated by fire trucks that were sitting on the road during the Woolsey Fire can blame a malfunctioning computer … and bad planning. That’s the conclusion of an after-action report compiled by the L A County Supervisors and fire department. The report is still secret … it’s not finished. But Malibu […]

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