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KBUU News Monday June 14

= Heat and winds and crowds – 102 in the Malibu mountains tomorrow. = A power pole throws off sparks … a small fire … a power outage on Point Dume. = Not sure if they are all related … power is supposed to return by 9 am. = Massive traffic jam last night … […]


KBUU Malibu News – Friday Jun 11

KBUU Malibu News – Friday Jun 11 = A summer tow away impound yard … back at Malibu High .. an agreement is reached. = 97 percent of the households in Malibu are plugged into 100 percent green power. = Sheila Kuehl says the sheriff is out of his lane .. as he wades into […]


KBUU Radio FM99.1 – MALIBU NEWS – Thursday June 10

KBUU Radio FM99.1 – MALIBU NEWS – Thursday June 10 = Malibu vaccinations stall out … the city and Malibu High both schedule free clinics. = The Venice homeless situation turns into political tit for tat … Villanueva targets his political enemies. = People in Malibu asking … why are homeless team members paid for […]


Sheriff Sends Armed Deputies Into Venice, `A Cute Stunt’ Says LA Official, And He’s Expediting Hidden Gun Permits, As County Dem Party Calls On Villanueva To Resign

A political battle royale is forming over the L A County sheriff. Last night … the L A County Democratic Party asked Alex Villenueva to resign from office. Shootings of unarmed civilians by deputies … and the refusal of the sheriff to allow civilian review of police shootings … the major issue. But the sheriff’s […]


KBUU Malibu News Wed Jun 9

= Worries that the killer rabbit hepatitis discovered in Malibu may take out the weed eating bunnies. = Huge political fireworks involving the sheriff. = Sending a dozen squad cars and heavily armed deputies to take control of the homeless. = Pulling a cowboy stunt … say some Venice residents … a political stunt. = […]

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