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Thinking About A Rooftop Sprinkler? You Need A Pool And Generator, City Expert Says

A garage door can act like a catcher’s mitt … catching burning embers as they fly through your neighborhood. That’s one of two major worries on the mind of Malibu fire safety coordinator Jerry Vandermuellen … as he recounted at last night’s pubic safety seminar on the coming fire season. the other major worry is […]


Prosecutors Says Sheriff Mishandled Arrest Of Reporter, Declines To File Charges

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva got a public slap down from the district attorney yesterday. The D-A’s office criticized the sheriff for arresting a reporter … and said the evidence shows no charges are warranted. The sheriff had personally campaigned for criminal charges to be filed against a reporter from KPCC radio  … who […]


City Sued Over Coastal Commission Ban On “Private Beach” Signs

A Malibu beachfront house owner has sued the city … because he is not allowed to put up a private beach sign on his land. The lawsuit was filed by a right wing political law foundation … on behalf of landowners Dennis and Leah Seider. They own a house on Latigo Beach … a house […]


From F-M 99.1 … KBUU News The Friday Headlines

= A new lawsuit claims that Malibu beachfront owners have been unconstitutionally prohibited from putting up private beach signs. = The owner of a Latigo Beach vacation rental says his First Amendment rights are being abridged. = A garage door can act like a catchers mitt for burning embers .… warns the city fire guy. […]


Fire Expert Confirms What You Suspect: Eastern Malibu And Topanga Are Ripe For A Huge Fire

As fall Santa Ana winds may develop again as early as next Monday … Eastern Malibu … and the Santa Monica Mountains east of Malibu Canyon … are the major fire worry this fall. That’s the word from L A County fire’s expert on fire behavior … Drew Smith He was speaking at the city […]

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