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KBUU Newswire Monday June 18: PCH Safety Project Shelved – SM Wins BandB Suit – 218 Malibu Houses Will Flood – SCE Will Examine Cracked Pole

= Malibu plans to cancel a P C H safety improvement … to pay for vacant land. = Global ocean rise is going to hit Malibu in the pocketbook … hard. = A federal judge sides with Santa Monica and against Air B and B. = Edison says its engineers will examine that power pole […]


Free Quake Survival Kit For 55-Plus From City

The City of Malibu will hold an afternoon Earthquake Preparedness Workshop in two weeks. [[Wednesday, June 27, 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM at City Hall.]] This one is aimed primarily at older people … although anyone presumably will be welcomed. Participants age 55 and older will be given a free comprehensive emergency kit … a […]


SC Edison Engineers Will Examine Cracked Pole

Southern California Edison says its pole safety engineers will check a brand new power pole … which was installed with a visible crack penetrating through the pole. A company spokesman said Friday that the pole in question … on Morning View Drive at Phillip Avenue … will be reviewed. The pole was installed last Wednesday […]


Santa Monica Wins Suit Against AirBandB, Homeaway

Santa Monica has won a major lawsuit brought by two large overnight rental companies. This … according to the Santa Monica Daily Press. Airbnb and HomeAway have lost their lawsuit against Santa Monica’s strict home sharing ordinance. That echoes a decision from a different federal judge over San Francisco’s regulations. The home sharing companies had […]


218 Malibu Houses In Way Of Global Ocean Rise, Study Says

Global ocean rise is going to hit Malibu in the pocketbook … hard and soon. A new study says 218 houses in Malibu will be chronically flooded in the next 30 years .… the length of one mortgage. That’s 716 million dollars worth of Malibu beachfront … according to a computer study by the Union […]

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