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Mtn Lion Makes 2nd Dash Across 101 – Malibu May Impose Fees For Construction – Petty Services Held

A mountain lion crosses BACK into Malibu … across the 1-0-1 Freeway. Malibu looking at charging an impact fee for new home construction. And a Malibu local is the fifth richest man in the world. This is Malibu’s only local daily news. It’s the   ((((  Wednesday  ))) edition of the news … from Radio […]


PCH Much Better Today WHOOPS This Just In

One lane only … PCH into Santa Monica … today. Scary details about that interrupted burglary at Trancas emerge. And police in Santa Monica now say it was a bicyclist … killed in the dark .. on PCH two nights ago, And a power plant upwind of malibu gets shot down. This is Malibu’s only […]


Epic PCH Jam This Morning – Fatal Crash in SaMo – Neighborhood Character Round 5 or 6 …

A gigantic traffic jam … Edison trucks in the road … on P C H this morning. And that comes after both a car fire in the tunnel .. and a separate fatal crash near the Incline. Another burglar … another chopper overflight … another arrest in the Trancas area. The cell phone companies power […]


Another Santa Ana Tonight – Malibu Motorcyclist Death Trial Starts Monday – MHS Pool Needs Salts Removed

Another Santa Ana is brewing here in Malibu … as the death toll hits 31 in northern California. Trial is set for Monday … over the death of a Malibu motorcyclist. Malibu High’s swimming pool needs a special truck to better clean the water. And an important decision … or non-decision … on beach access […]


Coastal Tells Malibu: No Dice On Pier Parking

It seems that if Malibu’s for it … Coastal is against it … The commission moves against the city over parking on PCH. The Coastal Commission was unrestricted 24 hour access along the beach. Santa Monica … meanwhile … is about to remove beach access 230 parking spaces downtown. L A County issues its first […]

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