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KBUU Newswire – Fire Day 27, Dec 5 – Fury Aimed At Local Govt – LA Fire Trucks Sent To NorCal Left Malibu Defenseless – LaMonte: Too Many Cops, Not Enough Firefighters

This is KBUU News – Day 27 of the fire: =  Fury … anger … disgust. =  Hard to underplay the feelings in Malibu about its local government … after the complete collapse of usable government services during the fire. =  those are the sentiments of Malibu … hurled by an overflow crowd last night. […]


LA County Supes Study Why Fire Department Is In Trouble

In Los Angeles yesterday … the county Board of Supervisors met … and says that there is a new reality about the Los Angeles County fire department. And they have approved a 4.5 million dollar public relations program to educate the public about it. The Los Angeles Times reports that the supervisors acknowledge there is […]


LA Fire Trucks Sent To Nor Cal Fire Left Malibu Undefended, Chief Says

Why was Malibu left to burn? The first explanation from the fire department did not put out the local firestorm of criticism .  The assistant fire chief for western L A County last night gave the first official explanation of what went wrong on November 9th. Last night … Chief Williams said Malibu was done […]


Anger At Malibu City Hall Boils Over Into 2 Overflow Rooms Last Night

Two overflow rooms could not contain the anger last night at city hall … The biggest crowd in Malibu city history … most of them furious with the performance by government agencies during the worst fire disaster in Los Angeles County history. Incompetent … nonresponsive … amateurs … a joke. Invectives were hurled …. In […]


KBUU Newswire Day 26 Tuesday Dec 4 –

This is KBUU News – it’s Day 26 of the fire: =   Rain tonight … but apparently not much. =   Anger … pain and fury … expected from the public at the Malibu City Council tonight. =   The city will declare a local emergency … and likely override the LCP to allow […]

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