Caryn Weiss


Caryn Weiss host and DJ of her show, “Big Rocks” considers herself one lucky

girl! Originally from NY and the daughter of a photographer, turned four time

Emmy winning Technical Director for NBC Television, as well as an actress

mother, who exposed her to many Broadway musical soundtracks as an infant,

became obsessed with radio during her formative years. She started making

playlists of her own (before iTunes)… not to mentioned choreographing dance

shows for the neighbors, to accompany her musical selections.

Off to college as a Dance and Journalism major, Caryn’s career plans of going into broadcast news, while working as a Page at NBC and a researcher for KNBC and KNXT news, took a bit of a detour… into the world of photography.

After college, she became a Photography Editor for Playboy Enterprises and

Cosmopolitan Magazine, which later transitioned into her owning and operating,

her Agency, “WeissArtists”, representing the top entertainment photographers in

the industry.

The agency became known for a “go to” for many Record Label, Artists

Managements, and Indie Artists. Caryn’s insatiable passion for business,

photography and music made this a natural path, allowing her to ultimately end up serving the visual needs for musical artists.

As the Agency continued to grow, Caryn volunteered at a pledge drive at KCSN

88.5 FM Radio in 2014. Wanting to support the music she loved so much. Later,

the station asked her if she would like to guest DJ with Julie Slater ( she calls her

muse) , on “Out on a Limb”. Yes, of course! And the shows were a hit! And she

caught “the bug”!

“It was a life changing event, as I found my own creative passion and could

also utilize my contacts and knowledge of the music industry to offer my services

to the radio world”. And that’s just what happened! After a year of volunteering at

KCSN, Hans Laetz General Manager and owner of KBUU ,and Caryn met , and

the show, “Big Rocks with Caryn Weiss” was created and launched on Radio

MALIBU in 2015.

While Caryn continues to Freelance as an Art Director and Photographer’s Agent

helping both clients and musical artists find their vision, she is continues to

produce and record her show Big Rocks show ,which airs Tues.  at 7 PM,  Thurs. 9 PM, and Sat. at 1:15

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