Trump Admin Will Override California On Round Up Cancer Link

Written by on August 9, 2019

In Washington yesterday … the White House announced it will veto a California requirement that the pesticide Roundup be labeled as a potential cancer causer.

The Environmental Protection Agency dug in on its official opinion that glyphosate … the main ingredient in the weed killer … does not cause cancer.

Under California’s voter approved proposition 65 … Products that are linked to cancer must be labeled.

And two years ago California’s Science agency declared that glass a fate is linked to cancer.

The EPA’s latest politically-appointed administrator yesterday announced that it will not allow California to slap the Proposition 65 warning on the product . mad eby a company called Monsanto.

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said California’s labels would “constitute a false and misleading statement.”

“We will not allow California’s flawed program to dictate federal policy,” Wheeler said in a statement.

And he repeated that the EPA’s findings show that glyphosate does not pose a public risk when used as directed.

The federal action came on the same day that Monsanto’s parent company … the German chemical company Bayer … disclosed details about keeping “watch lists” on people who it perceived as critics of the company’s Round Up products, amid global efforts to rehabilitate its reputation.

Bayer is covered by European privacy laws … that protect people’s data.

Monsanto was also caught this month in San Franciscio … hiring a P R agent who pretended to be a reporter … at a trial over a death linked to Round Up.

In Malibu … Round Up is quite controversial.

Many property owners use it to kill weeds.

The city bans its use on public property … but that has not stopped some agencies like the M R C A from spraying it on state or city property near its parks.

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