Gov Claims State Is Protecting Against Fires – But Not In Malibu

Written by on August 1, 2019

In Sacramento … the governor is defending California’s wildfire prevention efforts.

Gavin Newsom also is criticizing the federal government for not doing enough to help protect the state as it enters this year’s fire season.

The governor is pointing to his list of 35 high-priority forest-thinning projects up and down California.

He says 33 out of those 35 projects are on track to be finished.

None of those projects are in Los Angeles or Ventura counties … except one.

And that one would be the prescribed burn that is proposed for Big Rock .. the one that was cancelled after a homeowners group from over the hill sent a protest letter.

In other words … virtually no brush clearance or prescribed burns are underway in the Santa Monica Mountains.

This leaves Malibu just as vulnerable as last year … as more than three fourths of the city’s interface with the Santa Monica Mountains has not burned.

And that part that did burn is now covered with tinder-dry weeds.

Getting back to the governor’s claims that California is acting fast,

Records provided Wednesday by the state’s firefighting agency to the Associated Press show many of the projects are getting a slow start.

Just two of those 35 projects are substantially complete.

Newsom admits that the state’s efforts are “not perfect … but we are making progress.”

yesterday … the governor stood on a brush covered slope near Sacarmento and pointed to state-owned land … where the brush is being cleared.

And he pointed at federal land next door …. where nothing has happened.

“We need a more robust commitment” from the federal government, he said. “We need more support.”

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