MRCA Camping Push Heats Up

Written by on September 12, 2019

The California Coastal Commission and MRCA – the Mountain Resource and Conservation Authority – want to set up campgrounds in the mountains above Malibu …

And most local residents bitterly oppose that.

Fire danger is the biggest reason … but overcrowding of exiting parks facilities is another big problem.

And some Malibu residents will frankly state that they paid a lot of money to get here … and don’t want outsiders. 

The outside parks agencies have been thwarted by lawsuits … in their efforts ot set up campgrounds.

Some of the camping sites would be in Environmentally Sensitve Habitat Areas … ESHAs.

The problem is the state Coastal Act .. which at least one judge has interpreted to prohibit all development is ESHAs.


Including camping.

Despite that … the L-A County Board of Supervisors will be voting in two weeks to amend the Santa Monica Mountains Local Coastal Plan…  to allow camping in ESHA areas near Malibu.

Local county supervisor Sheila Kuehl is the sponsor of the camping amendment.

A bunch of irate Malibu e-mails caused her to put the brakes on the plan to discuss the issue … according to camping opponent Barry Haldeman.

He says those discussions have stalled … and have merely bought the Coastal Commission and MRCA time to mold an amendment to appear like it limits camping … but really allows it.


“LA County was overwhelmed by Woolsey, and were unable to really respond to it as we all know.

“So they are spending time and resources to figure out how to deal with it in the future, yet Supervisor Kuehl is pushing this amendment now, to allow more overnight camping and increase the fire danger.”

Haldeman asks how LA County can even consider such an amendment when over 400 homes were destroyed by the Woolsey fire.

Haldeman appeared at the city council meeting Monday to ask residents to pepper Kuehl with emails opposing the camping … in her district … and just upwind from Malibu.

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