Metro Plans Wi-Fi And Bus Arrival Time App On Route 534 Buses

Written by on April 10, 2019

Only about six people showed up for Metro’s hearing at Malibu City Hall last night … a hearing on the Next Gen bus study.

Metro is wondering what to do about declining bus ridership in an era of Uber … Lyft … and cheap cars.

Metro bus director Robert Calix egg knowledge that most Malibu residents find bus 534 to be irrelevant to their lives.

But he says is important to some.


CALIX: “Well, the bus is relevant for those who are taking it.

“And the reason that we are doing this study is because things have changed over the last 20 years, and we now have to incorporate those travel pattern changes that we’ve observed and that we now have documented, so that it can help guide us as to better improve the bus system that is reflective of how people are getting around today.”

REPORTER: “How does Uber and Lyft fitted all of this?

CALIX: “It’s a reality that we need to incorporate in our assessment and analysis and that will we have found.

“We have had to document we have learned in terms of travel patterns, and what you said, people are now getting around differently.”

Criticism voice last night included a lack of connections between Malibu bus 534 and the Expo line trains … the lack of Wi-Fi Service on buses… and the lack of data on bus arrival times on cell phones.

Metro promised short-term action on the Wi-Fi and cell phone issues.

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