Medical Excuses From Measles Shots? Better Get A Doctor’s Note – For Your Doctor

Written by on September 9, 2019

California’s state Legislature and the governor have reached agreement on a proposed law limiting medical exemptions for measles vaccinations.

The new law woukd tighten up regulations against parents who have personal beliefs against vaccinations… but sketchy medical data to support their claim that their kids should have medical exemptions.

Malibu state Senator Henry Stern is a stong proponent of the law.

In a floor speech Friday … Stern joined those who assert that allowing some kids to skip measles shots would sentence other kids to death.


“The intent of this legislature is not to get between you and your doctor … or you and your child.

“It’s to make sure that we as a community are safe … that we taking to account serious medical issues … but that a preference is not enough … any personal belief is not enough.

“That there has to be some sort of medical basis.”

The new law will crack down on doctors who sell fraudulent medical exemption.

One new provision could revoke any medical exemptions written by Robert Sears, a Southern California doctor who has been disciplined by the Medical Board of California for writing an improper vaccine exemption.

Sears sells books and takes lecture fees around the country for questioning big science and Big Pharma …  against childhood vaccines.

Under the new law … medical exemptions will be revoked if they are written by any doctor who has faced disciplinary action.

Sears is the only California doctor to be disciplined regarding vaccine exemptions … according to a state medical board spokesman quoted by the Los Angeles Times..

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