Malibu Should Declare Local Climate Emergency, Skylar Peak and Mikke Pierson Say

Written by on September 9, 2019

Two city council members are proposing that malibu declare a state of emergency due to global warming… climate change … and rising sea levels

Mikke Pierson and Skylar Peak say the earth is already dangerously hot.

And there is an absence of federal leadership.

Mikke Pierson.


“You have to put your flag and I think as a nation I think most nations 

have planted that flag. America has not at the moment … and I think it’s up to cities and states to do it on their own if they have to that’s what California has been doing that’s what Malibu has done in some areas and I think it’s important that we do it right now.”

Pierson says it is up top every state, every city, and every citizen has a duty to do all they can to combat the threat of runaway global warming.


“An internal goal of being net zero within 10 years or sooner now Malibu has certain advantages that help in that we don’t have industry. We also have the name Malibu which is recognizable to this movement.”

In two recent decisions … the Malibu city council has backed away from taking direct local action of global warming.

First … it decided not to shift Malibu electric customers to a default choice of 100 percent renewable energy from the local power cooperative.

Then … it shelved plans to build solar electric panels and batteries to take City Hall off the grid … and reduce its carbon footprint to zero.

Tonight’s proposed declaration might accurately be called window dressing …. unless those decisions are revisited and changed.

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